Hollyweed: Prankster alters L.A. landmark sign

The iconic hillside sign overlooking Southern California’s film-and-television hub was defaced overnight in honor of marijuana.

Residents awoke on Sunday to find “Hollyweed” staring down at them in four-story, white letters from Los Angeles’ Mount Lee, where a version of the picture-ready “Hollywood” sign was first erected in 1923.

City surveillance cameras captured footage of someone dressed in black about 3 a.m. whom police believe was behind the conversion, Sgt. Robert Payan of the Los Angeles Police Department said in a phone interview.

Material similar to a tarp was placed over the two Os to make them appear as Es, and park rangers were assessing how to remove them, Payan said.


I’ve never liked the stuff myself, just the smell of it makes me nauseous, but I don’t judge anyone who enjoys marijuana. I did vote to decriminalize it. One interesting thing about legalizing it in California, is what happens when all of the druglords are no longer making money from it. Will this result in a push for harder drugs to the street? More petty crime? People stealing ATMs with forklifts? Hope not. Time will tell.

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