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Did Alien Probes Start Life on Earth?


Speed Limit of Space Travel, Are Humans Alien Probes?

If you travel fast enough in space, radiation becomes a limiting factor. How could we explore space given the radiation problem with conventional space travel? One answer on how to survive space radiation leads to a surprising possibility, that alien probes put life on earth, that we are the result of ancient ET space exploration.

Super fast space travel allows for really great stories in movies like Star Trek and Star Wars, but what would really happen if you traveled that fast?

… A paper published in Natural Science brings some boring common sense to the speed-of-light-travel table. In order to travel huge distances in next to no time, people need to travel close to the speed of light. In so doing, travelers cover extremely large distances very quickly and, thanks to the quirks of relativity, would feel like it took mere minutes because of an effect known as time dilation, which squashes perceived time.


Space Travel - Science FictionTrouble is, traveling close to the speed of light brings about other effects, too. In Natural Science, Edelstein and Edelstein point out that hydrogen in any craft cable of traveling at the speed of light would also prevent it from traveling at the speed of light. They explain:

Unfortunately, as spaceship velocities approach the speed of light, interstellar hydrogen H, although only present at a density of approximately 1.8 atoms/cm3, turns into intense radiation that would quickly kill passengers and destroy electronic instrumentation. In addition, the energy loss of ionizing radiation passing through the ship’s hull represents an increasing heat load that necessitates large expenditures of energy to cool the ship.


via Super-Fast Space Travel Would Kill You in Minutes.


Are there ways around the space radiation problem?

Large life forms and our current technology could not survive the intense radiation that would exist from hydrogen that is present in between stars when traveling at near light speed. Hydrogen hanging around in space imposes a natural speed limit on how fast our current spacecraft can travel, they say. And yet…

How Humans Could Survive Space Radiation

Advanced aliens of various kinds may have already worked this out. One solution is to stop interacting with matter in the usual ways. By creating a space-time bubble, or traveling through a worm hole (if you could survive somehow) you might become invisible to the radiation, passing through it without really passing through it. This remains beyond human abilities at this time, as far as we know.

Alien probe theory of life

Another way is to get very small, multiply exponentially, hitch a ride on comets and explore space slowly but broadly with probes that re-constitute and report back when they find tolerable conditions.

If we are the result of an alien colonization, it would explain a lot. But microscopic aliens? If that seems impossible, remember that you yourself started this human life as a single cell about the size of a bacteria. Just add the right environment for the fertilized human egg and the miracle of life unfolds.

This idea itself is not proof of aliens, of course. The possibility exists, nevertheless, that we are the result of a reasonable way for intelligent life to spread throughout the universe, given the known limitations. Is it just a coincidence that some bacteria can happily survive and even thrive in space? What if we are the drones? Are we those reconstituted alien probes programmed to phone home?

True Strange News find this idea to be interesting. It would explain a lot, but there is not sufficient evidence at this time.

The Human Alien Relationship Reconsidered

Think about this angle in terms of our relationship to visiting aliens. If they created us to report back about habitable planets, they would know what we are, having created us. This could explain their lack of interest in contact with us. It could explain why they are at times investigating whales on earth instead of making much contact with humans, and why they simply zoom away from human fighter jets that try to intercept them.

Most likely, all life on earth would be part of the ET probe system, not just humans. We are supported by all that other life, but it is not here “for” us specifically, in that case. Instead, we are the pre-programmed “phone home” part of the ET space exploration system. Other life forms may have other roles, things we have not yet considered. This would explain why alien visitors in reported UFO sightings are not always focused on humans.

This is science fiction speculation, but what if? Could this be the big secret? What if our purpose for existing, was to be messengers to the Gods? We have already faithfully built signaling devices to phone home. We may have fulfilled our purpose, we may have reached out to the intelligent civilization a billion years older than us, the one that programmed us to do this, billions of years ago. Of course, the time differences present a problem, but what if the first atomic bomb we exploded sent a ripple faster than time throughout the entire universe and we just don’t know it? If this were the truth about aliens and human origins, how would our species take the news?

If it was true, we might be able to request upgrades from our creators, just as we ourselves might dust off one of the first Mars probes, to let it function better, for nostalgia’s sake … if we had the time while visiting Mars.

Humans as Pre-Aliens

Consider another possible future for humanity in this model where ET seeded life on earth. The ET investment in the huge life generating system on this planet suggests that we may be much more than just messengers. We may be the aliens themselves, in a stage of reconstituting to the level at which they where when they created us. This would be one way to “travel” to other planets, the way they worked out to do it. This would also not require faster than light signaling to reach the original senders of the space probes. This also would make us more like the embryos of aliens. This fits within the laws of physics and with our instinctive human stories much better. The UFOs we are seeing may be part of an automated interactive phenomena designed to stimulate us to surpass our current limitations. There are many questions to be answered around this possibility.

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