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In the Future: Tesla Roadster Found in Space (Star Trek, Humor)

I never really got into this particular spinoff of the original Star Trek series, but any science fiction fan might enjoy this clip:
Great isn’t it? In the original Star Trek: Voyager scene its a 1936 Ford in space.

Rust? That’s right, Captain.
High levels of ferric oxide corroded iron particles.
Would you mind telling me how iron could rust in space without oxygen? I wish I could.
Paris, alter our course to follow that trail of rust.
One-quarter impulse.
Aye, Captain.
Captain, look at this.
I’m picking up traces of complex hydrocarbons in the rust benzene, ethylene, acetylene That sounds like gasoline.
Gasoline? It’s a liquid fuel that was used centuries ago on Earth.
They burned it to drive internal combustion engines.
How did it get out here? I’m detecting a small object.
It appears to be the source of the rust and hydrocarbons.
Put it on screen.
Apparently, it is a ground vehicle from mid-20th-century Earth.
Whew! It’s a 1936 Ford, actually.
Paris? That was the manufacturing date: Ford was the name of the company that built it.
Antique vehicles are a hobby of mine.
Internal combustion engine, a reciprocating piston cylinder design.
Fuel source was a refined petroleum.
So, is this an early hover car? No, you’re about a century too early for that.
Via SpringfieldSpringfield

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Alexis Rose
Alexis Rose

This is great!!

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