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Ironic: License Plate, Seen at the Golden Gate Bridge

Happy Mother’s Day. Today is also mild irony day. Sitting at Golden Gate Bridge with a guitar, working on a song about being rewarded for pleasing the zoo keeper of the earth, a car pulled in front of me with a surprising license plate. I don’t think I’ll get in trouble for posting it.

This happened shortly after I saw a raccoon walking on the rocks along the waterline and I was laughing at the irony of a rocky raccoon. (I’m a long time Beatles fan.) Here’s a visual someone did showing the events in the song.

Here’s something like the rocky raccoon I saw:

The little things are the big rewards.
Grounding a bit: During a fact check I learned that you can buy these real sized “San Francisco” license plates on Amazon for $12. It was probably a rental car and the rental car company probably put this plate on it. Perhaps it had a real plate on the back. I didn’t look. No big deal. Still fun.


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