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James Dean’s CG Fake to Co-Star in New Movie

James Dean’s CG Fake to Co-Star in New Movie. An actor who died in 1955 will be brought back via computer graphics for a supporting role in the new movie Finding Jack. His voice will be done by another actor, a living one. “James Dean is making his return to the big screen more than 60 years after dying in a car crash, thanks to two VFX companies. Finding Jack is a movie set within the Vietnam-era that is “based on the existence and abandonment of more than 10,000 military dogs at the end of the Vietnam War,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. Dean isn’t the leading role, but his performance as “Rogan” is “considered a secondary lead role,” according to the Reporter. Finding Jack marks the first movie that Dean will star in since Giant in 1956, just one year after his iconic role as Jim Stark in Rebel Without a Cause.” Two effects houses “Canadian VFX studio Imagine Engine and South African VFX company MOI Worldwide” are cited by the Verge as the ones that will be working the magic. Can’t wait to see it. #oddnews #jamesdean #strangenews #hollywood #cg #cgi

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