What if we are in an alternate universe after being swallowed by a black hole, but we don’t know it, because that’s the way it works? What do you remember about the day 9/10/2008? This was my thought today, as we near the end of the year 2019. The stuff below was written over 11 years ago. Where else can you find an eleven year conversation in one post by the same writer? Some kind of time travel, isn’t it?

Many experiments go wrong. If the Big Bang Machine experiment goes wrong, the entire Earth could disappear in a nanosecond this coming Wednesday, 9/10/2008.

If we all survive and the experiment goes right, however, we might understand how the entire universe was created.

The most powerful physics experiment ever built, the Large Hadron Collider will re-create the conditions just after the Big Bang in an attempt to answer fundamental questions of science and the universe itself.

On September 10th, CERN – the largest centre of particle physics research in the world, will switch on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and in the process begin arguably the most ambitious science experiment ever undertaken. This “Big Bang Machine” will recreate conditions just a billionth of a second after the big bang and in the process may answer some of the most profound questions about our universe and how it all began.

By smashing particles together at speeds 99.99% the speed of light, scientists hope to answer some of the greatest mysteries in particle physics. What is mass? What is dark matter – the invisible but massive substance that fills the universe? Why is there no antimatter ? Are extra dimensions and parallel universes science fact rather than science fiction? – bbc

Personally, before the end, I had hoped for a big discovery like: Aliens, Bigfoot, Chupacabras, ESP, cold fusion, Time Travel, etc.

What have I been doing to prepare to be consumed by a black hole? Cleaning mostly. No, of course it won’t matter. You?

Here is a bit of trivia. What is a hadron?

In particle physics, a hadron … is a bound state of quarks. Hadrons are held together by the strong nuclear force, similar to how atoms are held together by the electromagnetic force. The best-known hadrons are protons and neutrons. – wiki

In case the end is near, so long. We had fun, didn’t we? Thanks for reading my blog.

PS. Perhaps we will all emerge in another universe as we are ejected from a white hole somewhere.


It would have been 1:36 AM our time today. That’s when they turned it on, but actually, “It will be weeks or months before two particles ever crash together in the giant tube” – news.au I found this comment on another site interesting:

“The Mayans wrote that the end of the world is on December 21, 2012. The Chinese I Ching also predicted it’s on the same day. The Greek Oracle Sybil predicted it on that day too. So did the alleged “real Merlin”, who told shocking stories of the future to the locals. “‘Anything between a year and four years, depending on how difficult this new physics is to find,’ Mr Engelen said.” Four years! 2008+4=2012. Its September right now! Maybe this machine could cause the end of the world.”

So, we may have weeks, months, or even years left before every molecule on Earth is sucked through a horrendous man-made orifice the size of a mosquito.

OH WOW. I hope I’m wrong, but I think I’ve seen this thing coming. I finally understand a freaky dream I sometimes have. I’ve had nightmares about this once in a while, ever since I was a kid. I never knew what it was until now. In my dream, I am faced with an infinitely small noise, a pin point, something real, something smaller than anything but also more powerful than anything I’ve ever known, a killer. It is very cold. Infinitely cold. I’ve always described it to people as “a noise that is an incredible cold pin-point pressure pushing in on itself” but I never thought of it as a real thing outside of my dream. Has anyone else had this dream??

Recommendation: Pool parties. Enjoy this time, because the odds are unlikely that our space travel capabilities for ordinary citizens will allow us to go to another planet before this happens.

Update: May 2018: Well, we are still here, it seems. Perhaps we did get sucked in and spat out years ago in some miraculously non-destructive way and we are now just in a different universe. It seems like that to me at times, like this can’t be the right universe, it’s not supposed to be like this. Every have that feeling? Does CP3O have a silver leg?


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Just to start, in my opinion you are the most arrogant person I have met in a long time. Why I have this opinion? I am free of errors, and Ive yet to see any of mine you point out. This, at the end of the day is all very silly. I really have no need to debate with someone who already agrees with me. Anyway, on to your responses. I just answer them in the order they appear. Oh and I censor again, I wont quote everything you say, silly me. In regards to me saying about a 90%… Read more »

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