Lake monster sighted

By | May 12, 2003

Lake monster sightedLake monster sighted in Vermont.

Termed “North America’s Loch Ness Monster” and known affectionately as “Champ,” the legendary Lake Champlain Monster reportedly haunts the waters of its namesake. Lake Champlain began roughly 10,000 years ago when an estuary of the Atlantic Ocean, the Champlain Sea, was transformed by receding glaciers into an inland, fresh-water body (Zarzynski 1984). This lake—and some say the creature too—was “discovered” in 1609 by Samuel de Champlain. Since then, the 125-mile-long lake, situated between New York and Vermont (with six miles extending into Québec), has received much attention. In 1873 and 1887, showman P. T. Barnum offered huge rewards for the monster—dead or alive (Zarzynski 1984, 83). More recently, there has been much “cryptozoological” interest and the development of a burgeoning Champ industry

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