Lake Tahoe Bear Freed From Car

True Strange News spoke recently to a Lake Tahoe man who saw a neighbor’s car with steamed up windows moving, perhaps he said the car was even rolling out of the driveway, and he thought kids were playing in it, so he walked up close. He was startled by a bear’s face, a huge face, he showed the size with his hands to be about two feet in diameter, that lurched at him from inside the car.

He said the bear was trapped, rocking the car from the inside, and the animal was getting more and more agitated, ripping up the interior of the car. He thought that if he opened the car door, it would just run off for a nearby golf course, but he didn’t want to risk injury from an attack, oddly, mentioning specific body parts that he thought the bear might swipe, including his left breast.

He called local animal services and said they arrived very quickly. They “attached a lanyard” to the door, and when they opened the car door this way, sure enough, the bear bolted to the nearby golf course.

It was a strange story to hear, but we weren’t going to report it. Bears in cars is a topic we’ve already seen and reported on sufficiently in the past. Upon seeing the brief UPI story with video the next day, however, it seems likely that the event the man was describing was this same recent incident that made the news, so, assuming this is the same event, we are reporting details not given elsewhere.

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office posted a video to Facebook showing deputies freeing a bear that closed itself inside a car that was left unlocked in the Lake Tahoe area.

“This bear got into an unlocked car and couldn’t get back out. Thankfully, deputies were able to free him and send him on his way, but not before the bear had done considerable damage to the interior of the car,” the post said.

The sheriff’s office said the video should serve as a reminder lock vehicle doors and not leave food where it could attract the attention of wildlife.

Read more UPI | ABCNews

The video posted on Facebook shows what may be a bear behind a steamed up car window, although it is interesting how close to a dog’s nose a bear’s appears. We couldn’t see the bear’s eyes in the brief video. The video posted on Facebook also shows the interior of some type of Toyota car torn up badly.

GoodDay Sacramento says the incident was in Tahoe Vista, near Kings Beach. Checking a map, sure enough, there is a nearby golf course, Old Brockway.

Having just been considering a trip to South Lake Tahoe in a Toyota, this story is, for True Strange News, rife with attention grabbing coincidences. Let this be a reminder: no food in the car in bear areas.

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