These are great photos, but I think you’d be right to suspect photoshop or other shenanigans.

Are Living Dinosaurs Seen in Modern Times?

“Reports of strange flying reptiles, some quite large, have continued well into modern times. As we shall see, reports of pteranodons, dragons, thunderbirds, and other similar monsters, are relatively common. … Giant bats, huge super-eagles called “pteratorns” and weird “mothmen” have all been put forward as explanations of these various reports. Now I come forward to state, unequivocably, that I believe these legends and sightings can be attributed to still-living flying dinosaurs-to pterodactyls or, more precisely, pteranodons. ” –educate

flying dinosaurs

It would be nice to find a reasonable explanation for the Mothman event after all these years, but the descriptions of the Mothman were pretty clear. Would some version of a pteranodon have red eyes in its shoulders, muscular legs like a man, and no visible head? Probably not.

Back to some detail on these photos…

Pteranodon is a genus of pterosaurs that included some of the largest known flying reptiles. They held a wingspan of over 6 meters (20 ft) and existed in North America, specifically present day Kansas, Alabama, Nebraska, Wyoming, and South Dakota. …

For over 200 years, people in these areas of the United States have reported enormous birds. The bird sightings are so prevalent that the creatures have been given the name Thunderbirds, which is taken from Native American mythology. In many cases, Thunderbird reports are accompanied by large footprints.

Probably the most controversial report surfaced on July 25, 1977, when a group of three children from Lawndale, Illinois, claimed that two giant birds chased them and then grabbed a ten-year-old boy named Marlon Lowe.

One of the birds reportedly clamped down on Lowe’s shoulder with its claws, lifted him about two feet off the ground, carried him some distance, and then released him. Thunderbird sightings continue to intrigue cryptozoologists to this day.

The creatures are said to have lizard-like features, which is similar to the extinct pterosaurs. In the 1950s, an unusual photograph was published in a “believe it or not” type book in the U.S. The picture shows a collection of American Civil War soldiers standing over an enormous bird carcass. The carcass holds a strong resemblance to a Pteranodon. …

According to the story, the bird was shot down by soldiers during the American Civil War in 1864 near the city of Vicksburg. The story says that the publication referred to the creature as “some kind of unknown bird or monster.” In an interesting twist, there is a second photograph on the Internet that displays the exact same scene, but is known to be faked.

The picture is not as convincing, but was made to look similar to the original for a television show named Freaky Links, which aired on the Fox network. The fake picture shows soldiers standing over a different carcass.

The image is deceiving and the fact that there are two photographs that show the same thing has discredited the original. Whatever the case, the picture remains an interesting story. Today, Thunderbirds are one of the most popular cryptids in North America.

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George Papadopoulos

Mr Chuck Missler, in this ‘Learn the bible in 24 hours’ seminars said something very interesting. He mentions that if pterodactyls existed today, they could not fly in our atmosphere. They need our atmosphere to be much much thinker for them to be able to get flight. interesting… helps support canopy theory indeed.


Ben, [I strongly disagree with what you have said].

Ben Stanhope
Ben Stanhope

As a christan I belive that the mothman was a demon on earth as in the Bible. there are many reports of monsters like mothman like the J devil, Chupacapra, orangobati, ect The chupacapra for example lives on blood which is not nutrishuos enough for a creature of that sise to live off of. It has abnormale abiliys tellicanieses to humans, hipmotisoum towards animales (victoms show no sighns of struggle) and it escapes every trap. its smell is so bad It left one man sick and choughing for days an animale with such a strong smell would suficate its self.… Read more »

Phillip O'Donnell

Interesting article. Here is a interesting website about living dinosaurs:

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