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Video: Refund Given Over Missing Movie Explosion

Man Gets A Refund Over Missing Explosion In 'Jack Reacher'The action film “Jack Reacher” hit theaters in December, and it got some favorable reviews. But one New Zealand moviegoer didn’t think it was action-packed enough. That’s because the trailer featured an explosion that wasn’t in the movie.

Disappointed, the man complained to the Advertising Standards Authority. He said the explosion was one of the main reasons he went to see the flick in the first place. Paramount Pictures has now offered to refund the money for his ticket.

via Guardian

I’ve added the trailer above. It looks like a landfill blows up at one point, but that was not used in the final movie. Good observation.

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That would make up for my disappointment at the lame ending to ‘Law Abiding Citizen’.

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