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Mary Clamser, Cured of Multiple Sclerosis by Lighting


It was historically not good form to use the phrase “cured of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)” as this would have  inconvenienced doctors who had labeled it a progressive “incurable” disease. Therefore, the term “remission” was used … even if the said remission was life-long. The tide may be turning, however. There are stories. Kristen, a yoga teacher in the Denver Metro Area, for example, reversed it with a healthy lifestyle and determination, being symptom free for 8 years, and Dr. Wahls also reversed her “irreversible” decline according a Huffington Post story:

“Dr. Terry Wahls learned how to reverse her accelerating multiple sclerosis using an evidence-based, functional medical approach that focused on nutrition alone.”

But this particular True Strange News entry is about an even more unusual case, one in which Mary Clamser’s MS was cured by a lighting strike.

Being struck by lighting is not something you want to experience. Statistics say it kills 10% of the time and most of the rest of the time, survivors have terrible damage, memory problems, personality changes, and more. Very rarely, however, lighting does more good than harm. In one case, for example, a lightning strike restored vision to a man who had been blind for 9 years after an accident.

Then there is the amazing case of Mary Clamser. Mary suffered with multiple sclerosis for 22 years. MS is a supposedly incurable disease and it slowly crippled her in northwest Oklahoma City … until, August 17th, 1994 when a powerful thunderstorm hit. The storm with 100-mile-per hour winds included baseball-sized hail and something else, a gift for Mary some people still call a “miracle.”

With this wild storm going on outside, Clamser, wearing her metal leg brace, was holding the metal bar on her shower door for support and was also touching the metal handle on the toilet when lighting struck the house.

She came to in a hospital bed with her husband and a doctor talking. As the doctor was checking her legs for broken bones–lightning can contract the muscles so violently that they can break bones–she recalls that she felt the doctor touching her previously dormant legs.

Three weeks later, Clamser found herself standing in a part of the kitchen accessible only by walking. Startled, she asked her son what was happening. He told her she must have walked there, and urged her to try walking again. So she did.


“And I’ve been going ever since,” Clamser told The Oklahoman, nearly two years later. News of Clamser’s amazing remission traveled slowly. At first, she refused publicity, too stunned and too afraid the miracle, as she calls it, would soon go away. Doctors had told her she would probably return to her pre-lightning condition within 30 days. After two months, however, she was walking in high-heeled shoes.


… a friend of Clamser’s, a Catholic nun, asked permission to write a small article for the Sooner Catholic, a religious publication. Clamser agreed and the story appeared Nov. 20, 1994. That was all it took for Clamser’s story to become a worldwide marvel, starting with a free-lance reporter who heard about Clamser and sold her story to the National Enquirer, without her permission.

… “As long as they respect our feelings in regard to God’s hand being in it, and the strength of family and positive attitude and the unknown,” Clamser said.

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Clamser herself uses the word “remission” instead of “cured” and if her disease returns, she will still know that it was a miracle.

To learn what about this lightning strike cured Mary Clamser, we should take a look at what causes MS.

What Causes Multiple Sclerosis?

As always with a mystery, True Strange News recommends this method: Start by collecting as many different claims as you can, and then seeing if any ring true factually. Below are some Internet rumors, some from official medical sites and some from blogs. When you start gathering theories, the authority of all claims is irrelevant. Just take a look at the possibilities and see if they make sense. Many people will go to one official doctor web site, see something like the top line here, then stop. Try spending a bit more time collecting different people’s theories without judging them at first. This is a list of rumors. Some, all or none of these may be true.

  • The cause of multiple sclerosis is unknown.
  • A number of viruses have been linked to MS
  • A variety of the Epstein-Barr virus is often responsible for MS.
  • Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) causes a lifelong infection and has been linked to the development of multiple sclerosis (MS) in genetically susceptible people.
  • Over 95% of adults are infected with Epstein–Barr virus (EBV) a form of the herpes virus, human herpesvirus 4, first identified in 1964.
  • Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides, or DDT can help fuel and support the many strains of Epstein-Barr and other herpetic viruses that are triggering off neurological symptoms.
  • Exposure to a 50 Hz electromagnetic field induces activation of the Epstein-Barr virus genome (1)
  • Immune system T cells become activated in the lymph system and in MS, enter the CNS through blood vessels
  • An abnormal immune response where the immune system mistakes a layer of tissue surrounding and protecting the nerve fibers — myelin — for an intruder.
  • The disease instead is the result of blocked blood veins — leading to inflammation.
  • Blockage of the pathways that remove excess iron from the brain
  • Damage to the myelin sheath caused by inflammation
  • An inflammatory disease of the Central Nervous System (CNS) white matter
  • Lesions produced in the myelin sheath of axons in cases of MS are related to excitatory receptors on cells called oligodendroglia.
  • Death of oligodendroglial cells causes lesions in the myelin sheath.
  • Excessive exposure to excitotoxins kills oligodendroglial
  • Ingestion of aspartame (Nutrasweet, Equal) increases blood levels of the excitotoxin aspartate
  • Dietary excitotoxins, such as aspartame and MSG magnify damage produced in multiple sclerosis
  • Methanol in the aspartame molecule is an axon poison which can convert subclinical MS to full-blown MS.
  • Even single exposures to food-based excitotoxins can produce prolonged worsening of neurological lesions
  • MSG is scientifically proven to cause obesity, is an addictive substance, an excitotoxin; an ingredient known to cause nerve damage by overexciting nerves. This is how MSG enhances the flavor in foods, by over exciting the taste buds on your tongue.
  • MSG can hide under the following terms: monosodium glutamate, glutamic acid, hydrolyzed protein, autolyzed protein, textured protein, yeast extract, autolyzed yeast extract, protein isolate, soy sauce, modified food starch, modified corn starch, calcium caseinate, and sodium caseinate.

How might lighting reverse any of the above possible causes?

Given that some link the EBV to MS and that one study said EBV can be activated by a certain frequency of electromagnetic radiation, could it be that the lighting fried all of the virus in Mary Clamser’s body, thus curing her of MS? If I was her doctor, I’d want to test her for EBV out of curiosity.

What can you do now?

To stay as healthy as possible or perhaps even be able to reverse symptoms, collect all the different possible causes. Then figure out what you should avoid or do, in each case, where possible. For example, if you’d like to get rid of drop foot (a supposed symptom of MS), try this:

1) Use Stevia as a sugar substituent instead of aspartame

2) Buy all organic foods to lower your pesticide load

3) Stop eating MSG in all forms

4) Stop eating unhealthy saturated fats

5) Exercise moderately (walking 30 to 45 minutes, plus a few sprints, squats, or weights throughout the day) daily.

6) Get away from EMF as completely as possible for a time.

7) Keep an eye on EBV-specific T cell therapy as an MS cure.

Try this for a month and see if your symptoms start to reverse. You might surprise yourself and reverse symptoms such as drop foot.

This is probably a much better strategy than hoping for a lightning miracle if you are having MS symptoms.

Good luck!

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