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Video: Metal robot metal band

Here’s my vote for best non-human metal garage band: Compressorhead.

Did you ever wonder what Danny Carey would sound like if he had 4 arms? How about if Angus Young had 78 fingers? Imagine what Robert Trujillo would sound like if he was actually made of metal? Well, wonder no more, meatbags. Compressorhead is the worlds heaviest metal band. Stickboy, fingers, and bones are guaranteed to shake and rattle the world of meatbag music. Stickboy (drums) was created to exacting specifications. 4 arms, 2 legs, 1 head, no brain. he plays a Pearl 14 piece kit with double kick. stickboy junior, the bastard child of an unknown mother takes control of the hihat shuffle. inception date 2007 Fingers (guitar) joined stickboy in 2009 and brings 78 purpose built fingers, enough to play the entire fret board and pluck.
Bones (bass) is the highest precision bass player in known existence, and the youngest member of the band. inception date 2012.
Standaside meatbags. Oil is thicker than blood.

via – Compresserhead

Here’s a video of the full band, the power trio, so to speak. Compressorhead’s song Ace of Spades

Here’s a video of the band before they were joined by Bones, showing a better view of Fingers at work.

What do you think? My guess is that they’re a very consistent band. If you like them now, they are going to perform very close to the same way the next time they play. I do want a guitar solo. If they could make it a bit different each time with some randomization of notes, that’s be great too.

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