Metal wheel from sky found in family’…

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Metal wheel from sky found in family’s roof. Linda Taylor-Whitt‘s daughter first saw the wheel breaking through the bathroom ceiling of their Lynwood Illinois home after they had returned from eating out on the evening of Saturday Oct 5, 2019. Police called local fire chief who came out to investigate. He said it was something “he equates more with a scene from a TV show than real life.” The home owner eventually received a call from a local helicopter flight school who saw the story in a newspaper, took responsibility and explained that “the wheel was from a piece of machinery used to move helicopters between airport hangers.” The ground handling wheel somehow stayed attached to the vehicle before falling off above the home. Another wheel from the same incident reportedly landed harmlessly in a neighboring yard. #oddnews #strangenews #helicoptermover #wheelintheskyinmyceling #wheelintheskykeepsonturning #unlikelybuttrue #simulationtheory

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