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MIT Dome Now Captain America Shield + Avengers Endgame Movie Review

Tonight I saw the latest Avengers movie. There were a lot of tie-ins to things in my life that felt personal and a really great moment, the highlight for me, was hearing my uncle’s band, Steppenwolf doing one of their songs Hey Lawdy Mama, briefly in one scene.
Endgame recently broke its own box office record set by Infinity War by taking in $1.24 billion worldwide during the opening weekend.
As a tribute to the Marvel Studio success, students at MIT decorated their Great Dome in the style of the iconic shield of Captain America.

A group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology students paid tribute to the latest Avengers film by turning the school’s Great Dome into Captain America’s shield.

The evolution of Captain America over the last nine years is interesting. This is from Reddit:

He’s a great character.

Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) wants to do his part and join America’s armed forces, but the military rejects him because of his small stature. Finally, Steve gets his chance when he is accepted into an experimental program that turns him into a supersoldier called Captain America. 


He first appeared in March 1941. The point of his existence then was to get Americans, who were not yet involved in World War II, to fight against the Nazis, to fight against fascism, to fight for freedom. Here he is in the very first comic, giving Hitler a good smack.

The strongest enemy of Captain America may be himself.
He fought an imposter of himself at one point, a great metaphor.
Avengers Endgame was a great movie, lots of action and story as well. It’s amazing and strange to me that the storyline flows so well with so many characters interwoven, so many heroes in the game at once.
I must have blinked at one point because I didn’t understand how an infinity stone taken by Loki was recovered from him. Was that scene missing?
Anyway, if you’ve enjoyed any of the Marvel films, go see this one.

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