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Mysterious Flashes: UFOs on Mars?

The Curiosity rover captured a mysterious light flash on the red planet which was not in the image frames taken seconds before and seconds after the flash appears.

Is it just me or does this flash look like the tic tac UFO captured on US military radar according to recent news reports?

There was also another flash photographed previously by the rover on Mars:

The photo in question was captured by Curiosity‚Äôs right-hand navigation camera on April 3 (sol 589). The image appears to show an artificial light source that is shining upwards from below. Given the distances involved, the flare is probably a few meters tall. 

Again, doesn’t it look at bit like this UFO observed by US military and recently released to the public?

Perhaps not, just a strange observation, a very remote possibility, to consider for fun.
NASA says possible explanations for the flashes are cosmic rays interfering with the Rover’s cameras or brief reflections from shiny rocks on the surface.

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Damn weather balloons!

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I go with the UFO theory! But then I have always had a hankering to meet our Space Family

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