Nanoparticles Give Mice Night-Vision

True Strange News: August 27, 2019. Scientists have used nanoparticles to give a superpower to ordinary mice: the ability to see near-infrared light. This type of nanoparticles could someday give built-in night vision to humans. (SciDaily)

Like humans, mice can not see light wavelengths beyond about 700 nanometers (red) but the nanoparticles absorb longer wavelength infrared light and convert it to shorter wavelengths detected by retina cells. ( The rare-earth elements erbium and ytterbium can convert low-energy photons from NIR (750 nm to 1.4 micrometers) light into higher-energy green light that mammalian eyes can see.

No telling what the world would look like to these enhanced mice, but they might see a cat like the one here. This cool cat is @sansathecat in infrared.

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