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New Record: A 154 Cheese Pizza

Some interesting strange news I read April 9th includes a horse in a swimming pool in Pennsylvania, an alligator in a swimming pool in Florida, CHP capturing escaped alpacas, and a man bringing small trees onto a subway in New York, but my favorite, because it sounds so delicious, is a record breaking pizza in Australia with 154 different cheeses. Look at that mouthwatering pie! Mmm.

Johnny di Francesco, chef at 400 Gradi in Melbourne, formerly held the Guinness World Record record for greatest variety of cheese on a pizza when he created a 99-cheese pizza, but he lost the record when someone else upped the cheese content to 111 varieties.
The chef decided to recapture the record with a 154-cheese pizza.
“While the 154-cheese pizza may not have been a culinary impossibility, it was certainly a culinary challenge! We knew it was an ambitious idea, but probably more-so than first anticipated,” di Francesco said.

“We also needed to be sure each individual cheese was distinct enough from the next, yet complimentary to each flavor, and could blend really well together once combined,” he said. “The cheeses included the likes of gorgonzola, pecorino, Taleggio, aged cheddar, gouda and of course, many more!”
The chef said the “Cheesy Pizza” was a hit with customers and sold a total 797 in just five days.

If you want to try making a record cheese pizza yourself, you might check this master list of all cheeses on earth to get some ideas. How much would a 154 cheese pizza cost? Nothing on the web site of the restaurant mentions this super cheese pizza that I could find … oh, but here is a 150 cheese pizza that they ran last year in September: Only $25!? Okay, plus round $458 round trip to Brunswick from SFO, plus rental car, plus other food and lodging … for me it would probably be a $1,000 pizza.

The 150-cheese pizza is $25 and will be gracing the menus at Gradi restaurants across Melbourne until Sunday, September 8, including the original 400 Gradi, Brunswick East; Gradi Crown, Southbank; Gradi Eastland, Eastland Shopping Centre, Ringwood; and 400 Gradi, Essendon.

Originally published by Libby Curran on, on September 6, 2018

Via 400Gradi

It would probably be cheaper to make my own 14 inch 154 cheese pizza in the USA. The record winners used just a gram of each variety of cheese, so my money saving method would be to find a place with a huge variety of cheeses that would give my 154 different little 1 gram free taste tests. I’d give them publicity in return.
I would blend the samples a bit, but not too much. Add sauce to crust, add cheese to top, bake at 450 for just the right amount of time and bingo, the edible cheese circus of my dreams. Who is with me? Anyone know a cheese store owner in California or vicinity?

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True Strange News
True Strange News

I agree and was wondering about that. You’d need a cheese genius to get the right blend, but I can imagine it being amazing.


Cheese overdose😂 the fact that all those flavours complimented each other is truly amazing

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