News and Notes, Aug 17-23

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8/23/2020 Sunday

  • Will 2020 go out with a bang? Asteroid heading for Earth could HIT the night before the 2020 presidential election (but, don’t worry, there’s only a 0.041 chance) {YDN}
  • AI pilot shoots down F16 Top Gun to win first ever USAF dogfight simulator competition as human pilot says he can’t cope with the robot’s aggressive tactics and warns ‘the things we do as fighter pilots aren’t working’ {StationGossip}
  • NASA creates Mars sample-return independent review board {Space}
  • Richard Grenell: Gay people don’t have to vote Democrat because Donald Trump is the most pro-gay president in American history. “Donald Trump appointed me as Acting Director of National Intelligence. The fact that I’m gay didn’t even faze Donald Trump …” {HideOutNow}
  • Civil Asset Forfeiture Challenged in Arizona: Cops Took This Guy’s $15,000 Jeep Because His Girlfriend Allegedly Used It for a $25 Marijuana Sale {HideOutNow}
  • Tennessee: Parents asked to sign form indicating that they will not eavesdrop on kids’ online lessons. “… over concerns they could overhear confidential information.” {BlacklistedNews}
  • Virginia’s top health official will make it mandatory for everyone to get COVID-19 vaccine {Cuzzblue}
  • Humans have now consumed the Earth’s natural resources for the year — It’s called “Overshoot Day”, the moment each year when humans have used up more natural resources that the Earth can renew in 12 months. {StationGossip}
  • California wildfires can be seen from SPACE as Donald Trump issues disaster declaration and one blaze grows to become the second largest in state history as 14,000 firefighters battle the infernos {MadnessHub}
  • World’s oldest man dies four months after his 116th birthday when he complained he couldn’t find any tobacco to roll his own cigarettes due to the Covid lockdown {StationGossip}
  • Italy rules out new lockdown amid increasing coronavirus cases {CrackNewz}

8/22/2020 Saturday

  • Australian towns are blanketed by blizzards as once-in-15 years polar blast brings freak winds and icy temperatures on coldest day of the year {MrMehra}
  • NASA is asking for volunteers to help find the hypothetical Planet 9. The project, called Backyard Worlds: Planet 9, has users check telescope images the same way Clyde Tombaugh found Pluto. So far, volunteers have already found over 100 brown dwarfs. {YDN}
  • Russia Overtakes Saudi Arabia To Become Second Largest Oil Producer {InvestWatch}
  • Ancient Mars was FLOODED during storms that could have lasted thousands of years and released up to 520 feet of precipitation {WomenSys}
  • Gulf of Mexico has never had two hurricanes at same time; history could be made as storms threaten Louisiana and Texas {ScoopyWeb}
  • Tulsa residents sue city leaders over mandatory mask mandate {InvestWatch}

8/21/2020 Friday

  • Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin delivers 40-foot tall mockup lunar lander to NASA that could take the first woman and next man to the moon in 2024 {MadnessHub}
  • Former Uber security chief is charged with obstructing justice after ‘paying hackers $100,000 to cover up data breach’ that exposed email and phone numbers of 57m drivers and passengers {YDN}
  • Coronavirus lockdowns used to justify Australia’s big four banks shutting down branches and remove ATMs {InvestWatch}
  • Mystery of the Lost Colony of Roanoke ‘is over’: Writings and remains reveal ‘vanished’ English settlers simply went to live with local tribe {YDN}
  • Donald Trump will host funeral at White House for younger brother Robert who died aged 71 – marking the first time a service has been held there since JFK’s in 1963 {WomanSys}
  • YDN says, “FIRE FAUCI: Country with Strictest Coronavirus Lockdown Policies Now Has Highest Death Rates” {YDN}
  • Town Hall says. “Many in the country (Peru) also live in poor conditions. Most do not own refrigerators, therefore, with curfews in place and businesses operating at limited hours, crowding is common at markets, turning them into possible hotspot locations.” {TownHall} Overcrowding at markets, masks or not, seems, rather than being the “Strictest … Lockdown,” to be a failed lock down, no?
  • K Shaped Economic Recovery: “Jobs are fully back for the highest wage earners, but fewer than half the jobs lost this spring have returned for those making less than $20 an hour.” {InvestWatch}
  • Three waterspouts video offshore in Louisiana {InvestWatch}
  • Air leak on the ISS forces the on-board astronauts to spend the weekend in the station’s Russian segment while NASA hunts down the source {DailyMail}
  • President Trump on FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith pleading guilty to making a false statement – “They spied on my campaign and they got caught. And you’ll be hearing more.” {InvestWatch}
  • ‘Anyone missing a tank?’: Nebraska State Patrol discovers military vehicle parked on the I-80 ramp after being abandoned by a trucking company following training exercise in California {Domigood}
  • Melbourne authorities turn to drones to enforce coronavirus restrictions {InvestWatch}
  • Police use tear gas to disperse Portland protesters as they march on ICE building for a second night running – amid anger that a significant portion of the 500 arrested over 85 nights of unrest won’t be prosecuted {YDN}
  • Doctors warn against taking ‘mega doses’ of vitamin D to prevent COVID-19 {ScoopyWeb}
  • New Zealand man, 33, who hugged a quarantining friend is JAILED for six weeks for breaking strict coronavirus rules {DailyMail}

8/20/2020 Thursday

  • Fury over plan to release 750 MILLION genetically engineered vmosquitoes in Florida Keys to kill insects carrying Zika and yellow fever – as locals brand it a ‘Jurassic Park experiment’ that could create superbugs {DailyMail}
  • Worst Air Quality in the World: California Now? Massive Fires Ravage California, Evacuations, Health Warnings and Destroyed Property {YouTube}
  • Apple becomes most valuable American company EVER and worth more than $2 trillion after 60% rise in share price {YDN}
  • After hours of supporting speeches by others, Joe Biden accepted the presidential nomination and promised to get control of the virus. His plan includes rapid tests with results available immediately and PPE supplies made in America. He will let experts speak and will have a national mandate to wear masks as a patriotic duty. His economic plan to rebuild the economy includes new infrastructure investment and new jobs, better health care and better education. He will give more pay to essential workers. His clean energy plan will deal with climate change. He will protect social security and medicare. {Vox}
  • 235 Million Instagram, TikTok And YouTube User Profiles Exposed In Massive Data Leak. .. Comparitech says based on samples it collected, one in five records contained either phone number or email address. Every record also included at least some, sometimes all, the following information: Profile name, Full real name, Profile photo, Account description, Number of followers, Engagement rate, Follower growth rate, Audience gender, Audience age, Audience location, Likes, Last post timestamp, Age, Gender {YDN}
  • Los Angeles Mayor Shuts Off Power At Hollywood Hills House That Hosted Large Parties {ScoopyWeb}
  • L.A. mayor delivers on promise to cut power to Tik Tok star Bryce Hall’s Hollywood Hills mansion after massive party with 20 strippers – and the unrepentant 21-year-old responds with clip where he bops to ‘Electric Love’ {Domigood}
  • Leading Putin foe Alexei Navalny ‘is poisoned’ and fighting for life in a coma after being rushed unconscious from a plane in ‘grave’ condition after ‘toxin was poured into his tea’ {StationGossip}
  • Over 100,000 Chinese Evacuated As Floods Continue Pressuring Three Gorges Dam {ZeroHedge}
  • 40% of letter-handling machines dismantled in Seattle-Tacoma area {ScoopyWeb}
  • Satellite images capture single Chinese nuclear submarine entering ‘Bond lair’ cave complex – but all other berths are empty sparking fears the subs are all shadowing the US fleet {YDN}
  • The fastest arachnid on Earth, the slingshot can accelerate 4,300 feet per second squared -over 100 times faster than a cheetah. Unlocking how its web silk can store so much energy could lead to it being used as a power source for tiny robots and other devices {ScoopyWeb}
  • Afghan Army Tells Personnel to Be Ready to Return Fire Against Pakistan {Antiwar}
  • Covid 19 coronavirus: Three-quarters of New Zealanders intend to get Covid vaccine {NZHerald}
  • California severely short on firefighting crews after COVID-19 lockdown at prison camps {YDN}
  • Donald Trump demands colleges re-open and sick students stay on campus claiming the alternative is ‘suicides and depressions’ – after Notre Dame shuts down in-person learning and UNC closes after a party {StationGossip}
  • Primitive horse the size of a small dog that looked like a badger is reconstructed after a skeleton of the 48-million-year-old species is found in a German oil pit {ScoopyWeb}
  • Facebook ‘is a threat to public health’: Up to 84% of posts peddling medical misinformation do not have ‘false content’ warning labels, new report finds {StationGossip}
  • Nearly half of British parents will NOT get their children vaccinated against Covid-19, poll claims {ScoopyWeb}
  • U.S., Japan to build network of missile-intercepting satellites, report says {UPI}
  • Helicopter crashes while dropping water on California wildfires, killing the pilot and igniting a 50-acre blaze on top of the hundreds already raging across the state as 22,000 people and Travis Air Force Base are told to evacuate {HideOutNow}
  • Hydroxychloroquine is why Uganda, with a population of 43M, has only 15 COVID-19 deaths {DCClothesLine}

8/19/2020 Wednesday

  • Elon Musk hails SpaceX Raptor engine as it breaks pressure chamber record without exploding – bringing Starship rocket one step closer to Mars {HideOutNow}
  • Live Stats: This Google Trends link shows the popularity of search terms: “Trump”, “Biden”, “Kamala Harris” and “QAnon” compared. {GoogleTrends}
  • Fewer than half of Americans say they will get a coronavirus vaccine as Fauci warns ‘we have got to change that’ {YDN}
  • Honey ‘beats antibiotics’ for curing coughs or colds: New research shows it is more effective than medication. “They reviewed studies which compared the effectiveness of honey against cough suppressants, antihistamines and painkillers when treating upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) symptoms – which include a cough and cold.” {YDN} Antibiotics do not fight anything caused by a virus, so obviously…
  • Bill Clinton tears into Donald Trump accusing him of spending ‘hours a day watching TV,’ calling his Oval Office ‘chaos’ and saying America leads the world in unemployment in the wake of COVID – as he backs Joe Biden as a ‘get to work president’ {YDN}
  • Financial Advice: Pay Off All Debt, Increase your cash: Stop buying stuff. Start selling stuff you don’t need. If you’re still working, and contributing to your 401(k) plan, you need to keep investing for the long-term. Build Your Intellectual Assets, your skills and qualifications. Create a side hustle: generate extra income and diversify your income sources. {InvestWatch}
  • North Korea has up to SIXTY nuclear bombs and 5,000 tons of chemical weapons – and is not going to give them up, US military report says {HideOutNow}
  • Farewell Internet Explorer! Microsoft announces it is ending support of the 25-year-old web browser in 2021 {StationGossip}
  • Notre Dame becomes the latest college to shut down in-person classes after 150 students test positive for COVID-19 and Michigan State delays students returning amid fears there could be an outbreak {YDN}
  • The Tennessee Highway Patrol Are Employees Of Homeland Security {InvestWatch}
  • Florida airport is evacuated after live French S-530 air-to-air MISSILE is found in a shipping container – and Air Force bomb squad are called to remove it {MadnessHub}
  • China unveils its 1,100lb precision-guided stealth missile ‘Sky Thunder’ that can drop 240 bombs {StationGossip}
  • Oregon Dem lawmaker ‘chains’ himself to a mailbox in order to ‘defend’ it from Trump administration {Tathasta}
  • Goodyear Policy Bans ‘All Lives Matter’ And ‘Blue Lives Matter,’ Allows ‘Black Lives Matter’ Under acceptable: Black Lives Matter (BLM), Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride. Listed as unacceptable: Blue Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, MAGA Attire, Political Affiliated Slogans or Material. {InfoLiberation}
  • Global facial recognition company working closely with New Zealand Government {NZHerald}
  • Rolling Blackouts Return to California Amid Shift to ‘Green’ Energy {InfoLiberation}
  • Morrison walks back comments on potential Covid vaccine, saying ‘it is not going to be compulsory’ {Guardian}
  • Asian Brits are up to FIVE times more likely to catch coronavirus than white people, official data reveals {InvestWatch} Genetic differences?
  • US Federal Reserve Is Experimenting With A Digital Currency {CryptoPotato}
  • Marianne Williamson on the DNC convention: “too many rainbows & unicorns for me” {InvestWatch}
  • If NASA Couldn’t See The Car-Sized Asteroid That Just Whizzed By Us Until 6 Hours After It Did, What Else Can’t They See? Answer: About 17,000 Big Near-Earth Asteroids Remain Undetected {InvestWatch}
  • Citywide Mass Moderna Vaccine Clinical “Trials“ Under Way In Las Vegas {InvestWatch}
  • Photo: Chinese Submarine Spotted Entering Hidden Cave Base {SputnikNews}

8/18/2020 Tuesday

  • Michigan College Will Digitally Track Students’ Movements At All Times {FreeBeacon}
  • Massive, Growing Weak Spot in Earth’s Magnetic Field About to Split in Two, NASA Says {SputnikNews}
  • Turkish, Greek Hackers Reportedly Declare Cyberwar Amid Gas Drilling Tensions {SputnikNews}
  • North Korea reportedly has up to 60 nuclear bombs in massive weapons stockpile {NYPost}
  • Shoppers made two million fewer trips to the supermarket than expected in the week after face masks became compulsory inside stores, figures reveal {WebNewsSys}
  • Swiss town is covered in CHOCOLATE after malfunction at Lindt factory {WebNewsSys}
  • Donald Trump pardons female suffrage leader Susan B. Anthony who was convicted of illegally voting to mark 100th anniversary of 19th amendment giving women right to vote {StationGossip}
  • New mutation of the coronavirus ‘may be a GOOD thing’: Strain common in Europe, America and parts of Asia is more infectious but less deadly, expert claims {ScoopyWeb}
  • Is herd immunity closer than scientists first thought? Experts now believe pockets of New York and London could be immune from Covid-19 and as few as 10% of people may need to be infected {Domigood}
  • Mali Coup Underway As Mutinying Soldiers Storm President’s Palace, Arrest Country’s Leaders {ZeroHedge}
  • California faces one of its largest blackouts in history with more than 1 MILLION expected to lose power across the state amid record-breaking 100F temperatures as wildfires rage {StationGossip}
  • Melbourne: Authorities to Use Surveillance Drones to Catch People Not Wearing Masks {InvestWatch}

8/17/2020 Monday

  • FLYING Leaf Blower RC airplane Mk2 {YouTube} Not news. An invention from 2019, still interesting.
  • Facebook Sued Over Warning Labels on Anti-Vaccine Posts {Yahoo}
  • University of California being sued over its mandatory flu vaccine policy. ” University of California President Janet Napolitano recently issued an executive order requiring every student, faculty and staff member across the university system to get a flu shot, and now Children’s Health Defense is taking action and suing the university for its ill-advised move in light of scientific evidence that flu shots aggravate coronavirus.” {DrLColdwell}
  • ‘DESERVE A REDO’ Trump says he should get a THIRD term in office because ‘fascist’ Democrats ‘spied on his campaign’ {TheSun}
  • China warns about the collapse of USD {InvestWatch}
  • Square gets into the loan sharking business with 65% APR short-term loans {BoingBoing}
  • Mormon Church accused of hiding $100 Billion in Assets From the IRS {BlacklistedNews}
  • Nurse who refused flu shot wins lawsuit against Hackettstown Regional Medical Center (2014) {LValleyLive}
  • A flu shot won’t prevent coronavirus, but it could help our response to the outbreak (March 7, 2020) {LiveSci}
  • Flu Vaccine Increases Coronavirus Risk 36% Says Military Study (March 11, 2020) {DisabledVets}
  • New Study: The Flu Vaccine Is “Significantly Associated” With An Increased Risk of Coronavirus {LewRockwell}
  • No Evidence That Flu Shot Increases Risk of COVID-19 (April 27, 2020) {FactCheck}
  • Research suggests protective effect of influenza vaccine against COVID-19 severity and mortality (July 5, 2020) {NewsMedicalNet}
  • Trump Gives 1.16 Billion To Bill Gates’ Vaccine Alliance & Inks Deal With Pfizer For A COVID Vaccine (July 27, 2020) {CollectiveEvolution}
  • Old Vaccines May Stop the Coronavirus, Study Hints. Scientists Are Skeptical. (July 29, 2020) {NYTimes}
  • Flu Shots Will Be Required at All UC Campuses by November (Aug 9, 2020) {CBSLocal}
  • The War on Landlords Has Begun {InvestWatch}
  • The Scary War Game Over Taiwan That the U.S. Loses Again and Again {ZeroHedge}
  • US ‘would lose a war with China fought in the Pacific, is unable to defend Taiwan from an invasion and there are fears the Guam military base is at risk NOW’, Pentagon sources warn {DailyMail}

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