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News and Notes, Aug 24 – 30

Here are the interesting links and notes for the week. Check back for updates. Reading is not agreeing. Headlines and links do not imply fact checking or endorsement of views and ideas.

8/30/2020 Sunday

  • Hawaii rolling out mandatory COVID-19 testing checkpoints on major Oahu highway… with mandatory vaccines and quarantine camps soon to follow {InvestWatch} When tests don’t work, how do testing checkpoints work? BS and madness.
  • Germany To Test Universal Basic Income {InvestWatch}
  • Robocop Is Here – New Police Helmet Scans For COVID-19 and Uses Facial Recognition {FreeThoughtProj} No, you can’t “scan for COVID-19” with any known current technology.
  • FLASHBACK: Are Coronavirus Temperature Checks Really Effective? “Some people have COVID-19 and don’t display any symptoms, including a fever. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), COVID-19 symptoms can develop anywhere between two and 14 days after exposure. That means you could have the virus, but a temperature check wouldn’t catch it because you have no fever yet. Plus, not everyone who gets COVID-19 runs a fever. Although it’s one of the most common symptoms, the disease presents in many different ways. Aside from the asymptomatic cases, one study—published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on April 22—found that out of 5,700 people seriously ill with COVID-19, two-thirds didn’t have a fever.” {Health} Two thirds! A temperature check for COVID-19 of people seriously ill WITH COVID-19 will be wrong more than 2/3rds of the time. These tests are worse than 1/2 wrong. Unfortunately many people are badly misinformed.
  • Tucson Handyman Gets His Jeep Back After He Threatens to Fight the Forfeiture {MadnessHub}
  • Russia’s latest Hermes supersonic missile can wipe out any Western tank, designer says {Tass}
  • Russian Su-27 fighter jets buzz US nuclear-capable B-52 bomber: Pilots repeatedly fly within 100ft of its nose and use their afterburners to wash it with turbulence over the Black Sea Russian Su-27 fighter jets buzz US nuclear-capable B-52 bomber: Pilots repeatedly fly within 100ft of its nose and use their afterburners to wash it with turbulence over the Black Sea {StationGossip}
  • California Church Fined $10,000 For Meeting In-Person And Singing. North Valley Baptist Church is among several California churches that have defied the state government’s orders against in-person assembly. Pastor John MacArthur and the church elders announced last month that they would be assembling despite the governor’s order. … “we cannot and will not acquiesce to a government-imposed moratorium on our weekly congregational worship or other regular corporate gatherings. Compliance would be disobedience to our Lord’s clear commands.” {HideOutNow}
  • Reminder: Tens of Millions have Died of Famine in the 20th Century. {SMH}
  • Flashback: ‘Whole world’ at risk from simultaneous droughts, famines, epidemics: scientists [Dec, 2013] {Guardian}
  • More than 1,200 students test positive for coronavirus at the University of Alabama: Professors are urged NOT to tell classes if fellow members have been infected amid huge outbreak {MadnessHub}
  • NPR Claims That Calling A Riot A “Riot” Is Racist {ZeroHedge}
  • Rioters could be stripped of unemployment benefits and forced to pay for police costs under new ‘peaceful protest’ bill proposed by Republican Congressman {YDN}v

8/29/2020 Saturday

  • More than 10,000 COVID conspiracy theorists gather in London: Huge crowd of anti-vaxxers led by David Icke gather to argue that virus is a lie spread in secret global plot organised by Bill Gates (29 Pics) {MadnessHub}
  • California Proposes Creating ‘Tax Prisoners’ – You Can Move Away, But You’d Still Be Taxed For 10 Years. {InvestWatch}
  • Fish bones dug up in Early Neolithic Jiahu site suggest carp farming dates back 8,000 years {InvestWatch}
  • Report: US to cut troops in Iraq by a third, or to about 3,500 {YDN}
  • Trump admin announces $750 million deal with Abbott Labs for new $5, 15-minute rapid-results COVID tests {StationGossip}
  • Would you put Elon Musk’s chip in your brain? {Domigood}
  • Elon Musk’s net worth tops $100 billion: Forbes {CrackNewz}
  • Army aircraft crashes off Southern California during a routine training exercise, killing two soldiers and injuring three {WebNewSys}
  • Are 500 big cats are prowling the British countryside? {WebNewSys}
  • Tokyo flying car firm takes giant leap into the future as it becomes first company to lift vehicle several feet off ground – with hopes of launch by 2023 {WebNewSys}
  • CNN guest says COVID-19 isn’t as big a concern for social justice protests because racism is a ‘public health crisis’ {YDN}
  • Mark Zuckerberg tells Facebook staff in all-hands meeting that Apple has ‘stranglehold’ on apps which allows it to ‘charge monopoly rents’ as it takes 30% profit off all purchases {HideOutNow}
  • Nevada man, 25, becomes the first known case in the US of coronavirus reinfection {YDN}
  • A Look at the Reinfection Rate. Blood tests revealed that while 60 percent of people marshalled a “potent” antibody response at the height of their battle with the virus, only 17 percent retained the same potency three months later. Antibody levels fell as much as 23-fold over the period. In some cases, they became undetectable. [July 14, 2020] {NationalReview}
  • Can You Get Covid-19 Again? It’s Very Unlikely, Experts Say [July 22, 2020] {NYTimes}
  • Magical, glowing “blue tears” in China’s seas are toxic and steadily growing every year, warn scientists {InvestWatch}
  • Apple Revokes Epic Games Developer Credentials As Anti-Trust Battle Heats Up {ZeroHedge}
  • US Senators call for investigation after hydroxychloroquine was administered to coronavirus patients in two nursing homes without proper approval {HideOutNow}
  • Kamala Harris: National Mask Mandate A Top Priority If Elected {ScoopyWeb}
  • Donald Trump grants FULL pardon to Alice Johnson for drug dealing conviction after freeing her from 22-year sentence at urging of Kim Kardashian – leaving former felon wiping away tears {MadnessHub}
  • Divorce rates in America soar by 34% during the COVID-19 pandemic with marriages crumbling three weeks into quarantine and newlywed separations doubling to 20 percent {Domigood}
  • DOJ Announces 74 BLM Leftists CHARGED, Some Face Up To 20 Years In Prison, The Hammer Hath Dropped {YouTube}
  • Trump Vows to ‘Go In and Take Care’ of Portland if Mayor Wheeler ‘Doesn’t Get Control’ of City {SputnikNews}
  • Suddenly Fear Of Social Unrest Is Everywhere {InvestWatch}
  • Weaponized Drone Swarms Should Be Declared As “WMD” {InvestWatch}

8/28/2020 Friday

  • LISTEN: NOC the Beluga Whale imitates a Human Voice. Researchers first noticed something peculiar back in 1984, when they heard people talking around NOC’s enclosure when no one else was nearby. “You could hear there was a conversation, but you couldn’t make out what they were saying,” said study co-author Sam Ridgway of the U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program in San Diego. The source of the chattering was later confirmed (to be NOC the whale!) when a human diver thought someone had told him to get out of the whale’s tank—it turned out to be NOC, repeating a sound like the word “out.” {NatGeo}
  • LISTEN: NOC, the Whale Who Could Mimic Humans {YouTube}
  • Beluga Whale Sounds Like A Human | Noc Talking Whale {YouTube}
  • Is This Dolphin Speaking English? {YouTube}
  • Why Are Sharks Afraid of Dolphins? {YouTube}
  • Meet Wikie – The World’s First Talking Killer Whale {YouTube}
  • History: Hundreds of Fitbit complaints, rashes and scars, months after company made a promise to fix the issue. FitBit Force. A 500 page report showed that battery chemicals were a plausible cause. This was 2015. {YouTube}
  • Amazon unveils new wearable product ‘Halo’—Here’s how it works – Heart Rate, Sleep Tracking. Emotion Tracker samples your voice during the day. Takes a 3D body scan. {YouTube}
  • An ingredient found in mosquito spray can kill COVID-19, scientists say {Domigood}
  • Top Beijing Official Warns: Chinese Consumers Will ‘Abandon’ iPhones If US Bans WeChat {ZeroHedge}
  • Long-awaited Celera 500L ‘bullet’ plane is finally revealed {CNN}
  • ‘It is a prizefight’: Trump calls for drug testing on Biden and himself ahead of debates {WomanSys}
  • Water was NOT brought to Earth by asteroids or comets but has been present ever since the planet first formed, meteorite study suggests {MadnessHub}
  • The wrath of Laura: Path of destruction wreaked by 150MPH monster hurricane is revealed in stark aerial pictures – as death toll rises to six and nearly 1MILLION are left without power – while cost of damage is forecast to hit billions of dollars. Hurricane Laura, one of the strongest to ever strike the U.S., barreled across Louisiana on Thursday, shearing off roofs, killing at least six people and maintaining ferocious strength while carving a destructive path hundreds of miles inland. {HideOutNow}
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator players become virtual storm chasers as they use game’s new real-time weather feature to fly jets into Hurricane Laura {StationGossip}
  • Over 65 Organizations Call on Home Depot and Lowe’s to End Sales of Cancer-linked Roundup {GlobalResearch}
  • Wednesday’s incident on the roads on northeast Syria, in which Russian and US MRAPs reportedly collided, injuring four US troops, continues to be a major issue. The US and Russia are both trading blame for the incident, and for the generally tense situation in Syria. {AntiWar}
  • Americans Sense Something Is Wrong: Gun Sales Up 72% {ZeroHedge}

8/27/2020 Thursday

  • TikTok will be sold in ’48 hours’ and Trump-backed Oracle is the ‘favored buyer with a $20billion cash and stock deal’ – as Microsoft and Walmart team up for their bid. {MrMehra}
  • TV weather man is almost hit by bolt of electricity from damaged powerlines as he stands in floodwaters while reporting on Hurricane Laura in coastal Texas town {MadnessHub}
  • William Shatner Wants US Space Force To Use Navy Ranks, Just Like Star Trek {TrekMovie}
  • China Military Claims It Expelled US Destroyer From Its Territorial Waters, US Military Counters This Is Fake News {ZeroHedge}
  • Federal agents are now swarming and arresting ANTIFA and BLM in WI {InvestWatch}
  • Government agencies want to install “Guardian Kiosks” (Facial Recognition/Thermal Imaging Kiosks) in town halls and DMVs across the country. {AdvancedKiosks}

    8/26/2020 Wednesday

    • Among others, a company called “Solar Foods” is experimenting with a powder made mostly of air and electricity that can be used to make protein supplements or veggie burgers. The company feeds hydrogen and CO2 to a microbe, which then spits out a mixture of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. {BusinessInsider} #FaminePreps
    • The WHO is monitoring online conversations and emotions, using “social listening” to change COVID narratives {Reclaimthenet}
    • YouTube’s AI removed 11.4 MILLION videos between April and June due to violent or abusive content – twice the amount human moderators deleted in the first three months of the year {DailyMail}
    • Beijing warns of possible ‘military accidents’ after US carries out ‘provocative’ operation in South China Sea {RT}

    8/25/2020 Tuesday

    • Nano-diamond self-charging batteries could disrupt energy as we know it {NewAtlas}
    • Tech firm releases pay-by-face system in California city {Fox5Ny}
    • Problems Make it Nearly Unusable. I’m attempting to use for the backup site for True Strange News. (The main site is and the backup is Here are the top three bugs: 1) Writing in a browser (FireFox) slows to unusable speeds after a certain amount of text. You type, but text doesn’t show up, then slowly appears letter by letter. What … the … bleep??? 2) The Autosave every few seconds on is ridiculous. Is this causing problem number 1? 3) Cut/Copy text with a link from one block to another loses the link in the pasted text. Are blocks not compatible with blocks? How many years has WordPress been around? Why does something this simple not work??? Sure, pandemic, staffing, etc., but a global extinction event shouldn’t impact my ability to write a news blog, should it? :-/
    • Study: Earth’s solid inner core formed about 1.3 billion years ago – more than 3.2 billion years AFTER the planet itself. At the heart of the Earth is a solid inner core of mainly iron, two thirds of the size of the moon. This 5,700°C iron is as hot as the Sun’s surface. Pressure caused by gravity prevents it from becoming liquid. Surrounding this is the outer core, a 1,242 mile thick layer of iron, nickel, and small quantities of other metals. Differences in temperature, pressure and composition in the outer core cause convection currents in the molten metal as cool, dense matter sinks and warm matter rises. The ‘Coriolis’ force, caused by the Earth’s spin, also causes swirling whirlpools. This flow of liquid iron generates electric currents, which in turn create magnetic fields. Charged metals passing through these fields go on to create electric currents of their own, and so the cycle continues in a self-sustaining loop is known as the geodynamo. {DailyMail}
    • Dynamo theory describes the process through which a rotating, convecting, and electrically conducting fluid can maintain a magnetic field over astronomical time scales. A dynamo is thought to be the source of the Earth’s magnetic field and the magnetic fields of Mercury and the Jovian planets. {Wikipedia}
    • How are there magnetic rocks on the moon? Paleomagnetic analyses of moon rocks, as well as orbital measurements of the magnetization of the lunar crust, suggest that there was a strong, long-lived magnetic field on the moon early in its history. The “geodynamo” that generates Earth’s magnetic field is powered by heat from the inner core, which drives complex fluid motions in the molten iron of the outer core. But the moon is too small to support that type of dynamo. Instead, a lunar dynamo driven by gravitational tidal forces when the moon was much closer to the earth could have lasted for a billion years. {UCSC}
    • Moon’s magnetic field was twice as strong as Earth’s until 1 billion years ago: Study {Meaww}
    • The moon is now about 240,000 miles from earth (about 60 earth radii) , but 3.9 billion years ago, the moon was only about 21 earth radii away. It would have appeared 2.8 times larger in the sky giving more eclipses and much larger tides. {USRA}
    • Earth had a stronger magnetic field early in its history, enabling it to retain the gases that formed its early atmosphere, essential to life. Today the core creates the conditions that make Earth habitable. It generates magnetic fields which extend 400,000 miles into space. These protect the atmosphere, spacecraft, satellites, and our electronic devices. Most importantly, it keeps solar winds and cosmic rays from scouring away our atmosphere {Earthdate}
    • Earth’s magnetic field is fading. Today it is about 10 percent weaker than it was when German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss started keeping tabs on it in 1845, scientists say. {NatGeo}
    • Growing dent in Earth’s magnetic field over South America and the southern Atlantic Ocean could impact satellites, spacecraft. “The magnetic field protects us, acting as a shield against the solar wind — stream of charged particles and radiation — that flows out from the sun. This field’s protection also extends to include satellites orbiting close to Earth. … The International Space Station also passes through the anomaly. While the astronauts are safe inside the station, instruments on the outside of it that collect data can experience issues.” {Fox59}
    • Earth Loses Hundreds of Tons of Atmosphere to Space Every Day, but photosynthesis helps restore oxygen. {SciAlert}
    • Interesting Earth/Geology news I missed previously: Scientists discovered the deepest point on land in Antarctica, Dec 2019. “A new study shows that the deepest point on land is under the Denman Glacier in East Antarctica. Glaciologists at the University of California, Irvine, were mapping the area only to find that the trough under the glacier went far deeper than they had imagined. The trough is about 3.5 km (about 2 miles) below sea level but there is no ocean water there. Instead, it is filled with ice flowing from the interior of the ice sheet towards the coast. The trough measures about 100 km in length and is 20 km wide, according to the study.” {CNN} Two (2) miles below sea level?! That’s 10,560 feet! That’s nuts! The deepest known point on land, the lowest land area below sea level, is the shoreline of the Dead Sea Depression in Israel, Jordan and Syria at approximately 413 meters or only 1,355 feet below sea level.
    • A geothermal heat source called mantle plume lies deep below Antarctica, explaining some melting that creates lakes and rivers under the ice sheet. Antarctica’s bedrock is laced with rivers and lakes, the largest of which is the size of Lake Erie. Many lakes fill and drain rapidly, forcing the ice surface thousands of feet above them to rise and fall by as much as six metres (about 19.7 feet). {News18}
    • Beneath Antarctica’s Ice, Intriguing Evidence of Lost Continents. East Antarctica is made up of multiple cratons, the cores of continents that came before. From Nov 13, 2018. {LiveSci}

    8/24/2020 Monday

    • NFL: All 77 false-positive COVID-19 tests come back negative upon reruns {NFL}
    • Teach questions, not answers: science literacy is a crucial skill {TheConversation}
    • Iowa Crop Damage Acreage Estimates Growing – Iowa has 30 million acres of agricultural crop land, the first estimate of 10 million acres lost has been revised to 14 million, which includes more that 5.5 million acres of soybeans and over 8 million acres of corn destroyed. {HoosierAgToday}
    • Hurricane Watch Issued for Louisiana, Texas Coasts as Tropical Storm Laura Strengthens and Moves Into Gulf of Mexico {Weather}
    • North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been in a coma for months and all his recent public appearances were faked, a South Korean official says in a new report about the reclusive despot. {NYPost}
    • North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is either dead, brain-dead or just fine, depending on which Asian media report you believe. {NYPost}
    • Spain going back into Lockdown in September? {InvestWatch}
    • Kellyanne Conway’s daughter Claudia reacts to her mom’s resignation {NYPost}
    • ‘Famine of biblical proportions’ looms over humanity due to Covid-19, UN food chief warns {RT}
    • Australia: Authorities Give Themselves Power to Remove Children From Parents to Ensure COVID Compliance {Summit.News}
    • CNN editing videos to make Donald Trump more Orange {InvestWatch}
    • COVID-19 first appeared in a group of Chinese miners in 2012, scientists say {ScoopyWeb}
    • Cher’s Attempt To Volunteer at Local Post Office Ends in Complete Failure {StationGossip}
    • Massive Zoom outage throws locked-down eastern United States for a loop​​ {ScoopyWeb}
    • Biden campaign team assures everyone that he does not have Covid-19…but has also not been tested {RT}
    • After 13 Years of Digging, Archaeologists Said ‘Cosmic Airburst Event’ Wiped Sodom and Gomorrah Off the Map {YDN}
    • This State’s Attorney General Warns “Violent Crime” Will Soon Reach “Epidemic” Levels In The US {InvestWatch}
    • BLM protesters TORCH Portland police precinct and pelt riot cops with rocks and glass bottles in running street battles while setting alight to Trump MAGA hats as the city descends into anarchy for 88th {YDN}
    • Widespread Looting Breaks Out In Kenosha, Wisconsin As Black Lives Matter Riots Devastate City {ScoopyWeb}
    • Twitter Founder Dorsey Donates $10M to BLM Prof Who Wants Totalitarianism To Eradicate ‘Racist Ideas’ {YDN}
    • DEBUNK THIS: Google trends of various elections: Is google more accurate than polls? (It has predicted the winner in all the last 4 elections) {InvestWatch}
    • YouTube’s owner, Google, is effectively a vaccine company. Two ubsidiaries of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, market and manufacture vaccines: Calico and Verily.
    • YouTube Censorship claims another victim: Honest-journalism giant, Del Bigtree’s “The Highwire”. Del Bigtree is an American television and film producer, and CEO of the Informed Consent Action Network, that produced the film Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe. {IsrealNatNews}
    • Virginia Health Commissioner: If COVID Vaccine Comes, I Will Make It Mandatory {StationGossip}
    • Google is Now a Pharmaceutical Company (July 7, 2019) {theFedup}
    • 131-foot-wide asteroid may strike Earth, airburst in September 2020, space agency says (July 12, 2020) {IntelliHub}
    • Mark your calendars: a massive 164-foot asteroid called 2006 QV89 has a one in 7,000 chance of smashing into the Earth on the morning of September 9, according to the European Space Agency (ESA). {Futurism}
    • A COVID-19 Vaccine May Get Fast-Tracked, But Reinfection Poses New Risk {Observer}

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