News and Notes, June 29-July 5, 2020

Here are the most interesting links and notes for the week. Check back for updates. Reading is not agreeing. Headlines and links do not imply fact checking or endorsement of views and ideas.

7/5/2020 Saturday

  • Judge bars Portland Police Bureau from arresting journalists during protests {MadnessHub}
  • Trump Issues Executive Order To Rebuild Non-Confederate Monuments That Have Been Torn Down By Protesters {StationGossip}

  • Gardeners show their sometimes expensive failed attempts at growing “fruit and veg” during lockdown {ScoopyWeb}

  • Californians Revolt After Democrats Cancel 4th of July Festivities, Light Up the Sky with Thousands of ‘Illegal’ Fireworks (VIDEOS) {YDN}

  • Violent Crime Is Surging Dramatically In Major Cities All Over America {InvestWatchBlog}


7/4/2020 Friday

Happy Independence Day, July 4, 2020.

  • Hundreds of maskless revellers descend on New York’s Fire Island for July 4 beach party in breach of social distancing {CuzzBlue}

  • Take a trip to Mars! ESA releases stunning flyover video of Korolev crater that is 51 miles across and covered in a thick layer of ice {CuzzBlue}

  • Coronavirus: Mexico’s death toll passes 30,000 {BBC}

  • Russia Has a Nuclear Missile That Can Kill Nearly Anything on the Planet {YahooNews}
  • Ghislaine Maxwell ‘won’t speak about Prince Andrew’, says friend {BBC}

  • Flying snakes? This is how they do it. Researchers at Virginia Tech used high-speed motion capture to study how one snake species can leap several meters at a time. {CNN}

  • There is no evidence supporting that any hospital has intentionally manipulated COVID-19 testing to increase the number of positive results {HealthFeedback}
  • Hillary Clinton Says She Would Beat Trump If She Were On 2020 Ballot {ScoopyWeb}

  • California Bans Singing in Churches {CuzzBlue}

  • ‘Queen of the Skies’ ends reign: Boeing shuts down 747 jumbo jet 50 years after its maiden flight as airlines shift to smaller planes that burn less fuel {DoMiGood}

  • Famous Little Mermaid statue in Denmark is vandalised with ‘Racist Fish’ graffiti – leaving entire country baffled {StationGossip}

  • India’s TikTok ban could help establish it as a major player in the tech world… and cause big problems for the Chinese {RT}


7/3/2020 Thursday

  • Unemployed Woman Makes 1,200 Pans of Free Lasagna To Feed Those in Need {DoMiGood}

  • CNN Reporter In Brazil Gets Robbed During Live Broadcast {CNNBrazil}

  • Harris County DA to drop charges against more than 600 Houston protesters {InvestWatchBlog}

  • New England Journal of Medicine Suggests “employment suspension” for COVID vaccine noncompliance {Domigood}

  • Flight controls used by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin during Apollo 11 mission to the Moon expected to fetch up to £160,000 each at auction {ScoopyWeb}

  • More than 700 cars wait in two-mile-long food bank line in Miami as “nearly HALF of US population is without a job” amid a spike in new coronavirus cases that has sparked fears of further shutdowns and lay-offs {YDN}

  • Japanese engineers plan to blast space junk out of orbit with a laser-pulsing satellite inspired by a dermatology technique for removing skin blemishes {DailyMail} #space #technology
  • Scheme backed by Dominic Cummings to ‘suck’ excess carbon dioxide from the air and bury it underground gets £100m from the Treasury {DailyMail} #environment
  • Judge Rules Virginia Giuffre’s Lawyers Must ‘Destroy’ Jeffrey Epstein Files. “The lawyer, Jeffrey Pagliuca, told U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska Wednesday that the materials also include an address book with about 1,000 names.” {Newsweek}

  • Stocks Soar To Best Week In 3 Months As COVID-Comeback Concerns Mount {ZeroHedge}

  • Rabobank: Every Member Of Congress Is Now Open To Arrest If They Visit Hong Kong {ZeroHedge}

  • Explosion at one of Iran’s most important nuclear facilities, Natanz, took place on Thursday, damaging the power plant, but leaving its reactor intact. The cause, said to be a bomb, has not been officially confirmed. {SputnikNews}
  • France ordered to pay up after epilepsy drug manufactured by coronavirus vaccine firm Sanofi caused birth defects {RT}

  • Here’s What Those Mysterious Night Time Helicopters That Woke Up The Oregon Coast Were Doing {TheDrive}

  • Vindicated? Trump-Touted COVID-19 Drug Hydroxychloroquine Works, New Study Funds {ZeroHedge}

  • BLM leader, Hawk Newsome, Chairman of BLM’s Greater New York chapter, revealed their plans to build a military branch on US soil. Newsome desires a full-on war on police, with armed Black Panther-style patrols to take over law enforcement operations nationwide. {InvestWatchBlog}
  • WHO: “People should NOT wear masks when exercising,” the WHO’s update reads, “as masks may reduce the ability to breathe comfortably.” {DoMiGood}

7/2/2020 Wednesday

  • Rioters Destroy Historic 120-Year-Old ‘Elk Fountain’ Statue In Portland {DailyWire}

  • LA Sheriff To Fine $300 For Not Wearing A Mask In Public {NPR}

  • Scientists: strain of coronavirus dominant around world is different than what originated in Wuhan {TheHill}

  • LA Mayor Garcetti admits ‘connection’ between coronavirus outbreak and protests, after downplaying link {FOX}

  • A New York appellate court judge ruled that Simon & Schuster can go forward with the publication of Mary L Trump’s tell-all book about her uncle, Donald Trump. {NYTimes}
  • Moon’s crust is richer in metals like iron and titanium than the Earth’s – raising doubts about the long-held theory that it formed when a Mars-sized planet smashed into our world {ScoopyWeb}

  • San Francisco police will STOP releasing mugshots of people arrested to ‘stop perpetuating racial stereotypes’ – unless they pose a threat to public safety {YDN}

  • UMass Nursing Dean Fired For Saying “Everyone’s Life Matters” {ZeroHedge}

  • We Don’t Have Enough Cash to Build New Nuclear Weapons, Says Air Force Chief {DefenseOne}

  • Paratroopers flew from Alaska to practice seizing a Pacific air base {ArmyTimes}

  • Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe chairman wants presidents removed from Mount Rushmore {ArgLeader}

  • Florida sheriff says he will deputize every ‘lawful gun owner’ in his county to help confront ‘lawlessness’ from violent protests that his deputies can’t handle alone {YDN}

  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, were stunned by the site of a giant bird swooping over the sands and carrying what appears to be … a shark. {WebNewsys}
  • Jeff Bezos’s wealth hits a new high of $171BILLION as Amazon stock soars – a year after he gave up a quarter of his stake in the company in his divorce with ex-wife Mackenzie {Cuzzblue}

  • Ghislaine Maxwell, longtime Jeffrey Epstein associate, arrested for recruiting and abusing girls in sex-trafficking ring {CNN}

  • Researchers compile a list of over 1,000 WORDS that inadvertently activate Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant – including ‘tobacco,’ ‘Montana,’ ‘election’ and ‘a city’ {YDN} #privacy

7/1/2020 Wednesday

  • BLOG ENTRY: Welcome to July, 2020. Congratulations, you made it this far, about half way into 2020. There is work to do. World peace (all human survival) is threatened by faltering economies shaken by a virus pandemic in a time of environmental and resource challenges. Where do we begin? Prioritize. Split into teams for each of our major challenges. All progress should be “open source” so anyone on earth with a solution can chime in. Paid moderators familiar with the current progress should listen to all ideas on these world-wide forums and forward those with merit to appropriate teams. There are plenty of people out of work around the world and fixing major problems generates income to pay the people fixing these problems. A world-wide coordinated effort that everyone can join on the Internet would show a human organizational maturity. Why don’t we have this? Back to the news:
  • Tesla is now worth more than Toyota, Disney and Coke {CNN}

  • The Large Hadron Collider Just Discovered a Brand-New Particle, the first to be made of all the same kind of quark, in this case, four charm quarks. {Futurism}

  • Scientists finally solve 100-year-old chemistry experiment mystery: How do some nonmetals transform into metals? Capturing enough free electrons in a solution is one way. “If you tickle the electrons a bit so that they’re more energetically excited, you can start looking at some crazy reactions that would never otherwise happen” {LiveSci}
  • “You’ll never be able to make a better future if you erase our past. And that’s something that happens in tyrannical regimes,” Gavin Wax, president of the New York Young Republican Club told Fox News. “I’ve never heard of a free society that wants to erase the past.” {FOX} #history
  • Former George W. Bush officials form new group to back Biden {FOX} #republicrats

  • More than 100 armed police officers are clearing away Seattle’s CHOP ‘autonomous zone,’ overturning toilets as they go {Yahoo} #cleanupop

  • Republicans welcome end of CHOP zone, say it comes ‘several deaths too late’ {FOX}

  • A potentially deadly weather pattern is setting up across the central US {CNN} #climate

  • Using math and Mars Society estimates, a computer scientist says a Mars colony needs 110 people to survive. {PhysOrg} #survival #space
  • The hungriest black hole in the universe devours about one sun a day {CNet}

  • China is storing an epic amount of oil at sea. Here’s why {CNN} #politics
  • New York county issues subpoenas to people refusing to talk to contact tracers {MSN} #privacy
  • Homeowner shoots woman trying to steal his Nazi flag, Oklahoma cops say {Yahoo} #crime

  • Apple to re-close 30 more retail stores as coronavirus cases spike {MSN} #economy
  • Over 400 Advertisers Hit Pause On Facebook, Threatening $70 Billion Juggernaut {NPR} #tech #economy
  • The US economic recovery could take ‘just 4 or 5 years’ if coronavirus is controlled, Fed president says {MSN} #economy
  • Psychedelic mushroom legalization moves closer to appearing on Oregon ballot {MSN} #drugs
  • 100.4 degree Arctic temperature record confirmed as study suggests Earth is warmest in at least 12,000 years {CBSNews} #climate

  • Martin Gugino, the Buffalo protester pushed to the ground and injured by police, released after nearly a month in hospital {Yahoo} #news

6/30/2020 Tuesday

  • For The First Time, Scientists Have Captured Video of Brains Clearing Out Dead Neurons {SciAlert}
  • Dr. Fauci warned a Senate committee that infections could more than double to 100,000 a day if the country fails to contain the current surge.  {NYTimes}
  • The New York Times said on Monday that it was exiting its partnership with Apple News, as news organizations struggle to compete with large tech companies for readers’ attention and dollars. {NYTimes}
  • Americans still cannot travel to Europe. EU to Remain Closed to U.S. Travelers as Borders Open Up {WSJ}
  • India Deploys ‘Quick Reaction’ Anti-Air Missiles To Border While China Warns Of “Prolonged Standoff {ZeroHedge}

  • Why home-made masks suck: Bandana-style face coverings allow coronavirus-infected saliva droplets in a cough to travel 14 times further than homemade cotton masks, study shows {DailyMail}
  • 83 Tons Of Fake Gold Bars: Gold Market Rocked By Massive China Counterfeiting Scandal {ZeroHedge}

  • Shrimp shells to produce electrodes for large storage batteries {PysOrg} #energy

  • Why Earth has a stubborn spot that’s cooling {Mashable} #earth

  • Coronavirus causes cells to grow fiber like projections and this may help it spread. University of California researchers described this newly discovered sprouting of projections as “sinister” but the discovery may mean that certain cancer drugs ( Silmitasertib , ralimetinib or gilteritinib,) which stop these projections from forming, can help defeat SARS-CoV-2. {LATimes}
  • Not predicting this will happen, but if Joe Biden has to be removed due to cognitive decline, Hillary Clinton could end up as the next US President without having been selected directly by voters. Could be anyone else the delegates select as well, according to this article. “Filling a Vacancy on the National Ticket: In the event of death, resignation or disability of a nominee of the Party for President or Vice President after the adjournment of the National Convention, the National Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee shall confer with the Democratic leadership of the United States Congress and the Democratic Governors Association and shall report to the Democratic National Committee, which is authorized to fill the vacancy or vacancies.” {Medium}

  • Hillary Clinton emerging as a surprise US president would be an interesting twist in the election story. We found this idea when trying to understand the Democratic Nominee process that resulted in Joe Biden being the top candidate. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is to expect the unexpected.

6/29/2020 Monday

  • New Zealand Gun Crime Hits 10-Year High After Strict Gun Confiscation. {StationGossip}
  • Smart glove that translates sign language into speech in real time on a smartphone could help deaf people communicate with non-signers (4 Pics) {StationGossip}

  • LOCUST swarm heads towards Brazil as the country struggles to cope with spiralling coronavirus infections {ScoopyWeb}

  • Accidental discovery turns fibroblasts into neurons, leads to Parkinson’s disease cure in mice. In Parkinson’s, dopamine cells in the brain die. PTB is a protein involved in activating or deactivating genes. and a PTB-silencing technique called siRNA resulted in a lucky discovery. 30% of astrocytes turned into functioning neurons. Treatment was only administered once, but the mice did not show any symptoms of Parkinson’s disease for the remainder of their lifetime. {Nature}

  • Social isolation affects how people behave as well as how their brains operate, a study at the University of Chicago shows. … one of the nation’s leading scholars on loneliness, has shown that loneliness undermines health and can be as detrimental as smoking. {SciDaily}
  • Nearly 100 patients are evacuated after floodwaters rush through Massachusetts hospital, leaving equipment, vending machines and fridges ‘floating’ in the basement as huge storms wreak havoc on the north east (17 Pics) {StationGossip}

  • PCR Tests Meaningless? Though the whole world relies on RT-PCR to “diagnose” Sars-Cov-2 infection, the science is clear: they are not fit for purpose due to an assumption, that detected RNA is of viral origin. {OffGuardian}
  • Risk of military conflict between US and China higher than ever, experts say {SCMP}

  • Gab Platform Says it is Blacklisted By Visa for “promoting hate speech.”  “Gab does no such thing. This is like saying Google “promotes hate speech” because you can search racial slurs on their search engine and get results. Gab is a neutral technology platform.” {GAB}

  • Israel Is On Brink Of War With Iran & Hezbollah: Top Israeli Officials {ZeroHedge}

  • CRISPR Gene Editing in Human Embryos Wreaks Chromosome Mayhem. Technique is not clean enough for reliable safe use. {SciAm}

  • The coronavirus may be a vascular disease, attacking blood vessels. {InvestWatch}

  • Eight ‘needs’ are so strong that people are compelled to satisfy them: Emotional security, Reassurance of worth, Ego gratification, Creative outlets, Love objects, Sense of power, Roots, Immortality. {NurtureDev}
  • Twin Strangers Exist. “Using TWINSTRANGERS.COM is one of the best and quickest ways to find your TwinStranger. With thousands registering every week you have the best chance to find him/her here.” {TSE}
  • One in a trillion odds of having a real-life doppelganger {PhysOrg}

  • You are surprisingly likely to have a living doppelganger {BBC}
  • Dopplegangers Image Collection by Leslie Bark {Pinterest}
  • 355 Complete Strangers Who Met Their Doppelgängers And Had A Lot Of Questions {BoredPanda}


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