News and Notes, Sep 7 – 13

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9/13/2020 Sunday

  • Phosphine Detected In The Atmosphere of Venus – An Indicator of Possible Life? “…the researchers have concluded that abiotic mechanisms (i.e. ones that do not involve life) that might produce phosphine cannot account for the large amount that they have detected. The phosphine has been detected in the region within the atmosphere of Venus that is considered by some to be potentially habitable.” {Astrobiology} This is huge. Any life found anywhere other than Earth greatly increases the odds of intelligent alien life, that we are truly not alone.
  • More people are leaving California than ever before, driven out by worsening wildfires, politics and the skyrocketing cost of living {DailyMail}
  • Venezuela Claims It Arrested ‘American Spy’ Possibly Attempting To Destroy Oil Refinery {WomenSys}
  • LA Sheriffs: NPR Reporter Arrested For ‘Interfering’ With Cops As They Tried To Control BLM Protests Outside Hospital {Tathasta}
  • President Trump Promises To ‘Put Down’ Rioters ‘Within Minutes’ If He Wins In November {StationGossip}
  • Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles for Miles! Massive Turnout for Trump Parade on I-275 Loop Around Cincinnati {CuzzBlue}
  • T.I. Charged by the SEC for Investment Fraud Using Social Media, Has to Pay $75,000 in Civil Penalties {HideOutNow}
  • Transgender Satanist Whose Slogan Is “F*** The Police” Wins GOP Primary For New Hampshire County Sheriff {StationGossip}NY Assembly Bill Gives MOB BOSS Gov. Cuomo Power to Jail or Expel New Yorkers Diagnosed with COVID-19 — WITHOUT A TRIAL, DUE PROCESS {TruePundit}
  • Blaze Reporter Elijah Schaffer Assaulted By Rochester Black Lives Matter Rioters Dressed Up As Press {YDN}
  • Dozens missing as firefighters battle two large Oregon fires {APNews}
  • Mexican water wars: Dam seized, troops deployed, at least 1 killed in protests about sharing with US {HeraldMailMedia}
  • Claim: Evidence the U.S. Is a Dictatorship, Not a Democracy {InvestWatch}
  • Las Vegas is a ghost town where even the strippers put up signs­ saying, ‘Sorry, we’re clothed’ {YDN}
  • Nazi warship Karlsruhe which was sunk by a British submarine 80 years ago is discovered on the sea bed off the coast of Norway {StationGossip}
  • The oldest living WW2 veteran Lawrence Brooks turned 111 today (Picture) {StationGossip}
  • Two looming hurricanes: Tropical Storm Sally is expected to become a hurricane and smash into Louisiana still reeling from Laura – while Tropical Storm Paulette barrels toward Bermuda as it reaches hurricane strength {HideOutNow}
  • Trump slams Democrat fundraising platform ActBlue after it was revealed $346M in donations came from untraceable ‘unemployed’ donors and asks ‘money laundering anyone?’ {YDN}
  • More than 100 BLM protesters shut down George Washington Bridge in Manhattan and then violently clash with NYPD outside their precinct on another chaotic night in NYC {Domigood}
  • Donald Trump says ‘a big price must be paid’ after it emerged that 15 phones belonging to Robert Mueller’s team were ‘accidentally’ wiped before being handed over to DoJ {StationGossip}
  • Bernie Sanders ‘Expressing Worry’ That Joe Biden Is About To Blow The 2020 Election {ScoopyWeb}
  • What REALLY happens to your body when you oversleep: Expert reveals how to tell if you’re spending too long in bed – and the five warning signs you should never ignore {HideOutNow}
  • China poses the greatest threat to world order, Armed Forces’ spy chief warns {Tathasta}
  • DOD is spending millions, getting rid of toxic foam by burning it near where people live {Tathasta}
  • Donald Trump will visit California on Monday to see wildfires, adding the stop to his West Coast weekend campaign swing as death toll hits 31 from devastating blazes {StationGossip}
  • San Francisco To Vote On Whether 16-Year-Olds Should Vote {Tathasta}
  • THAILAND COVID DEATHS = 58. THAILAND suicides by lockdowns =2551 {InvestWatch}
  • Common cold could give children immunity to the rare MIS-C hyper-inflammatory condition caused by the coronavirus, study suggests {ScoopyWeb}
  • Coronavirus infections in the Dakotas are growing faster than anywhere else in the US as both states reject mask requirements {YDN}
  • Storm Francis uncovers part of a petrified Welsh woodland that has been submerged for 4,500 years and inspired the legend of the ‘Lost Hundred’ (PHOTOS) {ScoopyWeb}
  • Sunken 400-year-old ship that helped forge the Dutch Empire is discovered in near-perfect condition at the bottom of the Baltic Sea (PHOTOS) {ScoopyWeb}
  • Thick clouds of mosquitoes from Hurricane Laura kill cows, deer and other livestock in Louisiana by draining their blood {StationGossip} Chupasquitos. Yikes.
  • Witch you were here! Halloween postcard sent in 1920 finally gets delivered to a Michigan home a century late {MadnessHub}
  • Canada records zero daily Covid deaths for the first time since MARCH and suffers 702 more positive cases as lockdown is eased and schools reopen {CuzzBlue}
  • Children CAN spread COVID-19 to adults without showing symptoms of the virus themselves, new CDC analysis of daycare centers confirms {StationGossip}

9/12/2020 Saturday

  • MASSIVE explosion shakes outskirts of Jordanian capital {InvestWatch}
  • Germany Stops Harvest, “Temporarily Bans Agriculture” as African Swine Fever Reaches Europe {YouTube}
  • Snow Falls In Colorado Just 48 Hours After A Record Heatwave And It Proves Nothing Is Impossible In 2020 (20 Pics) {HideOutNow}
  • Texas Rep. Matt Schaefer (R) is calling for the state’s attorney general to investigate the Netflix film, “Cuties,” for potential violations of child exploitation and child pornography laws. {CuzzBlue}
  • 16 Of The Worst Predictions Ever Made By The New York Times {MadnessHub}
  • Fauci casts another shadow on recovery, says US won’t return to normal until ‘end of 2021’ {YDN}
  • Nearly 70-year-old murals at college to be removed after complaints they depict too many white people {YDN}
  • William Shatner flattens ‘virtue signaling’ critics online who are accusing him of transphobia {Domigood}
  • People Are Sharing Pics From The Hell On Earth That Is Happening In The West Coast Right Now (40 Pics) {MadnessHub}
  • China would rather see TikTok US CLOSE than go through a Trump enforced sale to an American firm – as the president’s September 15 deadline nears {YDN}
  • Roll me up and smoke me! Jimmy Carter, 95, reveals his son DID smoke marijuana on the White House roof with Willie Nelson 40 years ago in new documentary {StationGossip}
  • Hydroxychloroquine works in high-risk patients, and saying otherwise is dangerous {WashExaminer}
  • Is America heading for a race war? Unless Democrats stop protecting criminals, it is inevitable {RT}
  • Google ‘Geofence’ Warrants Keep Locking Up Innocent People Who Were In Proximity Of A Crime Scene {ZeroHedge}
  • Gov. Newsom signs controversial bill into law reducing penalties for sexual relations with minors {WashExaminer}
  • Steve Maggi: DNA Testing and Retinal Scans for Immigrants – Are Citizens Next? {InvestWatch}

9/11/2020 Friday

  • Russia Warns of Hostile Actions as US Flies Nuclear Bombers Near NE Coast {AntiWar}
  • Gold Reaches $2,000 Amid Dollar Depreciation {InvestWatch}
  • Netflix CEO: ‘As a Consequence of Slavery … Black Families in America Have 1/10th the Wealth of White Families’ {HideOutNow}
  • SCOTTISH Government health chief Jason Leitch admitted the tests used to detect Covid cases are “a bit rubbish”, as it gives positive result to non-infectious, it emerged today. {ScottishSun}
  • Global temperatures are on track to reach a level the planet has not seen in 50 MILLION years by 2300, analysis of seabed rocks reveals {DailyMail}
  • South Carolina School Reels After 28-Year-Old Third Grade Teacher Dies From COVID-19 Just One Week After Classes Began {StationGossip}
  • Beijing opposes a forced sale of TikTok’s U.S. operations by its Chinese owner ByteDance, and would prefer to see the short video app shut down in the United States, three people with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters exclusively on Friday. {Reuters}
  • Author of Dystopian Classics Predicted Face Masks to Enforce Conformity 70 Years Ago {Summit}
  • Transverse Myelitis – Mysterious Illness Caused During COVID-19 Vaccine Trials May Lead To Paralysis {GreatGameIndia}
  • Dr. Fauci says he takes vitamin D and C supplements and that they can lessen ‘your susceptibility to infection {Insider}
  • Japan PM Wants First-Strike Capabilities {AntiWar}
  • Iran Chased Off US Spy Plane During Strait of Hormuz Exercises {AntiWar}
  • Cops And Paramedics Are Still Killing Arrestees By Shooting Them Up With Ketamine {BlacklistedNews}

9/10/2020 Thrusday

  • Trump Reveals U.S. Has Secret Nuclear Weapon Capabilities: Russia, China Don’t Even Know It Exists. “We have stuff that you haven’t even seen or heard about. We have stuff that Putin and Xi have never heard about before. There’s nobody — what we have is incredible.” {ScoopyWeb}
  • Oregon Faces “Greatest Loss Of Life In State History” From Wildfires {ZeroHedge}
  • Matt Drudge accused of “payola” scheme, rigging news for profit {Cuzzblue}
  • Denver Has a Program That Sends Mental Health Professionals on Certain 911 Calls Instead of Police {YDN}
  • Jeff Bezos tops Forbes’ list of richest Americans for the third year in a row as his wealth soars to $180 BILLION – while Trump’s ranking drops to 352 as pandemic slams his hotels and resorts {DailyMail}
  • NYPD releases mugshots of wealthy Upper East Side college student, 20, and six others who ‘smashed up store windows causing $100,000 worth of damage to NYC businesses during weekend riots’ {YDN}
  • Critics Believe Next Phase of the ‘Rolling Coup’ Against President Trump may Involve the US Military {StationGossip}
  • NSA Chief Who Oversaw Sweeping Domestic Phone Surveillance Joins Amazon Board As Director {ZeroHedge}
  • Snowden criticises Amazon for hiring former NSA boss {BBC}
  • J.C. Penney ‘is on cusp of rescue deal with landlords’ to save the 118-year-old department store from bankruptcy that would have cost 70,000 jobs {HideOutNow}
  • Changes to US Postal Service have caused ‘significant’ delays in the delivery of mail-order prescriptions – jeopardizing the health of ‘millions of Americans’, Senate report finds {Domigood}
  • Passenger inside autopilot Tesla breathes huge sigh of relief as car smoothly dodges lane-swerving truck on Vegas highway and averts crash {YDN}
  • British fighter jets and a warship have deployed to the Arctic Circle amid concerns Russia is exploiting new shipping lanes that are emerging as the ice caps melt {StationGossip}
  • Donald Trump is doing NO formal debate prep before taking on Joe Biden and telling aides that he will win because his rival will make a gaffe or stutter {WomenSys}
  • 3.2 BILLION people will have a shortage of drinking water by 2050: Study warns that climate change will cause supplies to decrease by 60% {MadnessHub}
  • Pope praises sex and good food as ‘divine’ pleasures that ‘come directly from God’ {MadnessHub}
  • Mark Zuckerberg says he ‘hopes’ Facebook doesn’t destroy society, insists the platform isn’t a conservative echo chamber and he WON’T remove anti-vaxxer content {StationGossip}
  • What Possible Disruption Is Coming That Requires China To Start Massive Stockpiling Of All Possible Commodities {ZeroHedge}
  • Assange Trial Abruptly Halted After US Attorney Exposed To COVID-19: “Courtroom At Risk” {ZeroHedge}
  • T-Mobile Merger Approval Violated Every Last One Of the DOJ’s Updated ‘Antitrust Principles’ {TechDirt}
  • Top Conclusions After 9 Months Of Reporting On Covid-19 {YouTube}

9/9/2020 Wednesday

  • Human activity has wiped out two-thirds of world’s wildlife since 1970, landmark report says {CNN}
  • ALERT – The Wayback Machine is compromised. Warning labels and a requirement to log-in are now preventing some archived sites from being seen. Some see this as a first step to destruction of this awesome digital library by those who want people as uninformed (and therefore as controllable) as possible. Yes, there is plenty of wrong information, but in that mess of misunderstandings and purposeful misinformation are also a few gems, things that can help people better than the information current experts are offering. Save what you can from while it is still up. {InvestWatch}
  • MASS TEST BID ‘Operation Moonshot’: £100BILLION plan could see entire UK population tested for coronavirus in just a week {theSun}
  • Door-to-door MEDICAL TYRANNY: City of Houston to dispatch COVID medical experimentation teams to homes of “randomly selected” residents to DRAW BLOOD for a government pandemic experiment {InvestWatch}
  • World’s Leading COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Put On Hold Because Of ‘Unexplained Illness.’ Health news site STAT said the vaccine’s Phase 3 trial was put on hold after a “suspected serious adverse reaction” to the drug in one participant in Britain. {ScoopyWeb}
  • UK Vaccine Volunteer Contracts Transverse Myelitis, Inflammation affecting the Spinal Cord {InvestWatch}
  • EMP threat to U.S. power grid identified just weeks ahead of vitally important elections {Domigood}
  • Holocaust Museum Shares 14 Signs Of Fascism In Its Early Stages, People Now See A Connection To The Current State of US Politics {MadnessHub}
  • Christian Tybring-Gjedde, a member of the Norwegian Parliament, has nominated President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize after the administration helped facilitate a peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) {ScoopyWeb}
  • Herd Immunity To COVID-19 May Have Been Reached In NY, CA, Scientist Claims {Domigood}
  • Rochester Police Chief and Entire Police Department Command Staff Suddenly Announce Retirement Following Riots {StationGossip}
  • One Doctor’s Own Practice Charged Him $10,984 For A COVID Antibody Test {ZeroHedge}
  • Over 50% of households in major cities struggling financially… PEW: Share of young adults living with parents higher now than Great Depression. {InvestWatch}
  • Pope Francis removes his mask as he touches worshippers and vows to defeat coronavirus with love at a ‘limited’ public audience at the Vatican as he steps up his return to normal duties {MrMehra}
  • Chinese Fighters Enter Taiwan’s Airspace After Missile Tests {AntiWar}
  • Chinese Bombers, Paratroopers Practice High-Altitude Drills as Himalayan Tensions With India Heat Up {SputnikNews}
  • “October Surprise” – Satellite Images Suggest North Korea Preparing Ballistic Missile Test {ZeroHedge}
  • Northrop Grumman Wins $13.3 Billion Contract To Build New ICBM {ZeroHedge}
  • US Military Testing “Skylord” Counter-Drone AR Interception System. “The Skylord drone is small and extremely fast and uses a net to disable small enemy drones. Skylord is equipped with a camera and automatic tracking software. The operator can control the drone via virtual reality and augmented reality glasses.”  {ZeroHedge}
  • A Sign Of The Times? Unprecedented Fires Have Turned Skies Bright Orange And Blood Red Over California And Oregon. “California Governor Gavin Newsom said this was the “largest fire season we’ve had in recent recorded history” as he declared a state of emergency. He blamed the cause of the fires on “unprecedented temperatures, a heat dome, 14,000 lightning strikes over a 24-hour period and 150 million-plus dead trees related to a multi-year drought”. {InvestWatch}
  • Vitamin D deficiency as a predictor of poor prognosis in patients with acute respiratory failure due to COVID-19 {Springer}
  • New US Air Force Chief Suggests Possible ‘Future War’ Would Be Fought ‘Not Far’ From US Shores {SputnikNews}

9/8/2020 Tuesday

  • Zuckerberg: Facebook Will Condition the American People ‘That There is Nothing Illegitimate About This Election’ {BLPolitics}
  • Denver is set to experience the biggest temperature drop for nearly 150 years as raging wildfires turn to snow overnight in Colorado. {DailyMail}
  • Frankenstein’s monster just got a step closer. Scientists are creating living, programmable, self repairing robots. {InvestWatch}
  • CDC becomes America’s landlord, halts evictions indefinitely. “The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has seized control over America’s rental housing stock, decreeing that landlords can no longer evict tenants who are unable to pay their rent.” “… its new directive threatens federal criminal penalties against landlords who ignore tenant “declarations” made using CDC forms.” {Mises}
  • Three-quarters of the eco-friendly Generation Z ‘are disgusted by lab-grown meat’ and say they would NOT eat it {DailyMail}
  • BLM rioters destroy T. rex statue in strange and pointless act of vandalism {HideOutNow}
  • Poll Shows Most Americans Support Shutting Down The Economy Again To Stop The Coronavirus {InvestWatch}
  • New Study: Vitamin D reduces risk of ICU admission 97% {Covid.US.Org}
  • COVID on Campus – Nearly 26,000 Students on 29 Campuses Identified with COVID – But ZERO Hospitalized, ZERO Deaths {MadnessHub}
  • Edward Snowden Fully Vindicated In Court Ruling {InvestWatch}
  • Elon Musk loses record $16.3 billion in just ONE DAY amid rout in US technology stocks which saw shares in his electric car firm Tesla plunge 21% {DailyMail}
  • NOAA satellites capture ‘fire cloud’ in California mushrooming to 45,000 FEET following blaze in Sierra National Forest that scorched more than 150,000 acres {YDN}
  • Germany Admits There Never Has Been an Epidemiological Emergency! {InvestWatch}
  • Hydroxychloroquine Reduces Risk Of Death From COVID-19 By 30%, Latest Italian Study Shows {HealthMoneyNews}
  • State of Emergency In Multiple California Counties, Rolling Blackouts As Record Heat Scorches Cali {InvestWatch}
  • MIT Scientist Says Viruses Do Not Harm or Kill Us. Summary: The immune system, in the latest understanding, includes the microbiome, the virome and the INF system each of which interact with the innate and adaptive immune systems. We have within us ~360 trillion viruses and ~60 trillion bacteria and they support life. It is the overreaction of a disfunctional immune system to a pathogen that results in sickness and death. A handshake transfers billions of viruses. When you eat excess sugar, candida grows and makes gliotoxins, sulfur-containing mycotoxins that destroy immune system cells, T-cells and macrophages, lowering your immune function. If your immune system is compromised, your own cytokines attack your epithelial cells. [8/9/2020] {RedPillU} Good stuff. One thing he doesn’t account for is that as the body ages, it becomes more efficent. This is a trend throughout life. Some changes, therefore, are not signs of dysfunction, but of more efficent function.

9/7/2020 Monday

  • Los Angeles County records its highest temperature on record {Tathasta}
  • Turkey Escalates With Tanks & Armored Troop Carriers Deployed To Greek Border {ZeroHedge}
  • Hundreds of US Troops Arrive in Lithuania for Drills Near Belarus’ Border. “Since the August 9th presidential election in Belarus, the US and EU have rejected the results and called for a fresh round of votes. The official results gave incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko 80 percent of the votes. Since the controversy over the election started, Lukashenko has accused NATO of building up a military force on Belarus’ borders in an effort to oust the embattled president.” {AntiWar}
  • World War III Scenario: the US or an ally attacks Venezuela in an October Surprise to boost the US election then China gets involved and conflict escalates. {BlacklistedNews}
  • Claim: “Democrats Are Now Using Pentagon Funded Artificial Intelligence to Combat Online Efforts by Trump Supporters to Promote President Trump” {GatewayPundit}
  • Boy, 12, is suspended and Colorado police visit his home after waving a bright green toy gun during a virtual class {StationGossip}
  • Legal group finds thousands of double voters in battleground states {WeAreTheNews}
  • Caught On Camera: Bags Of Mail Dumped In Glendale Parking Lot {CBSLocal} Any ballots in there?
  • China, Russia and Iran ‘have deployed spies to steal US vaccine research in an intelligence war targeting biotech companies and university research centers’ {StationGossip}
  • WikiLeaks Founder Assange’s Extradition Hearings Resume {SputnikNews}
  • ‘Bubonic Plague Warning’ Issued In Lake Tahoe After Fleas Test Positive {ZeroHedge}
  • A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that the commonly used steroid drugs dexamethasone, hydrocortisone and methylprednisolone can help to reduce the mortality rate from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) by up to 33 percent. {HideOutNow}
  • Amazon drone deliveries: The greatest threat to privacy Americans have ever seen {CuzzBlue}
  • Trump’s “secret weapon” revealed: Fourteenth Amendment allows the President to strip Electoral College votes from states supporting censorship against voters; enables mass arrests of mayors, governors and judges who support BLM {YDN}
  • Data: 48 of America’s 50 Largest Cities Hit By Black Lives Matter Riots {Breitbart}
  • Scam to watch for: A guy is reporting that his email inbox got flooded rapidly and it was a cover-up by a scammer making changes, adding a new user with his own name, but not his phone number, to his PayPal account {InvestWatch}

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