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News and Notes, Sept 14 – 20

Here are the interesting links and notes for the week. Check back for updates. Reading is not agreeing. Headlines and links do not imply fact checking or endorsement of views and ideas.

9/20/2020 Sunday

More work on getting an automated podcast I can listen to of news headlines from around the world. Getting closer. Getting tired of hearing the same headlines day to day now, so looking at removing all without today’s date stamp.

9/19/2020 Saturday

More automation work today on a script to try to get the audio news feed on the home page to automatically update regularly. Started to replace a few badly pronounced words with sounded out equivalents. The automated audio podcast of news headlines will, for me, likely replace these weekly posts with daily updates. This is something I need to let go to free up my time for other goals, like work on my 100 original songs and preparing for potential upcoming world-wide disasters. Thanks for following along if you have been. Check out the audio feed on the home page and/or read the RSS News Bonanza page yourself directly so you can follow the links to read more.

The latest sound between headlines is the quietest I could create. Think of it as the sound of a helicopter flying from one headline to the next, more fun that way.


9/18/2020 Friday

Server problems today, but below, and now on the home page as well, is an automated hour long podcast of news headlines from today, from all around the world. It is a reading of the True Strange News RSS Feed Bonanza page. Unfortunately, the reader says “mnnmoooh” in between each headline, which is not much better than “mmmah,” yesterday’s attempt. If you know how to add silence to Apple’s screen reader, let me know! Apple’s MacOS reader “Samantha” pauses for a comma, but only once. If you put a row of commas, it’s the same too short pause as a single comma. Normally, there is a pause for paragraphs, but popper HTML does not allow bulleted lists to be separated by paragraphs. I’ll figure it out … eventually. For now… mmnmmmnmoooh!

9/17/2020 Thursday

Here’s an experiment (now removed, file was huge), an automated read by Apple’s “Samanatha” of over an hours’ worth of headlines from our new News RSS Bonanza page for today. This first attempt is, admittedly, very annoying with all the “mmmmmmmah” sounds but I couldn’t get it to shut up and pause in any other way after trying for a few days. It also can’t pronounce COVID and some other words, but hey, it might be useful if you want a podcast made up of today’s headlines from a bunch of news sites around the world.

9/16/2020 Wednesday

  • Wisconsin Supreme Court Rejects Green Party Ballot Bid, Greenlights Immediate Start To Mail-In Voting {ScoopyWeb}
  • Trump Administration Unveils Plan To Make COVID-19 Vaccine Available To All Americans At No Cost {ScoopyWeb}
  • Wikileaks founder Julian Assange withheld 15,000 documents about Afghanistan war to ‘protect innocents from being harmed’, investigative journalist tells extradition hearing {DailyMail}
  • Judge throws the book at 13 alleged Lancaster rioters and sets $1M bail for seven of them – after they ‘tried to storm police precinct’ in the wake of fatal cop shooting of crazed black knifeman {MadnessHub}
  • Poof! The Portland Riots Just Stopped. Why? {PJMedia}
  • The Oscars will force “diversity quotas” to promote transgender, liberal rainbow characters in all Hollywood movies {StationGossip}
  • Meth shipments entering the U.S. from Mexican border in record numbers during coronavirus pandemic {MadnessHub}
  • People who refuse to wear masks amid the pandemic tend to exhibit stronger sociopathic traits, researchers claim {HideOutNow}
  • Kim Kardashian is joined by Leonardo DiCaprio and a slew of stars for ‘freeze’ Instagram day as Hollywood decides to protest ‘hate speech’ on the Mark Zuckerberg-owned platform {YDN}
  • Oregon fire officials prepare for “mass fatality” event – do they know something we don’t? {Domigood}
  • C-Span Footage of Biden Touching Young Girls Flagged as “Child Sexual Exploitation” by Twitter {StationGossip}
  • iOS 14 out today, but it might be a very good idea to avoid installing it {ZDNet}
  • Trump claims he ‘played UP’ the coronavirus after bombshell admission he ‘played it down’ – and says it will ‘go away WITHOUT a vaccine’ – after diabetic man challenges him at town hall {StationGossip}
  • Protests and rockets as Gulf states sign deals with Israel {ELECT}
  • 3ASSANGE HEARING DAY SIX—Prosecutor Says Government Can Prosecute Journalist for Publishing … James Lewis set out that the Espionage Act be used against government employees who breach their trust with the government, but also that the government can prosecute those outside a relationship with the government, such as journalists” who are unauthorized to possess and disseminate secret material. {CONSO}
  • U.S. Congressmen push a bipartisan digital ID package {BIOMET}
  • Three HUGE asteroids headed towards Earth, after amateur astronomer spots massive space rock our planetary defenses MISSED {RT}
  • Twitter Suspends Account Of Chinese Scientist Who Published Paper Alleging Covid Was Created In Wuhan Lab {WWW.Z}
  • THAAD Battery in Guam Proved Helpless Against Spotlight-Armed Swarming Drones, Report Says {SPUTN}

9/15/2020 Tuesday

  • Killer sized asteroid discovered by astronomer just days before it passed Earth {IntelliHub}
  • Pentagon Looks To Replace Human Hackers With AI. “The Industrial/Military Complex is saturated with Technocrats who have algorithmic solutions for everything, including warfare. WWIII will be fought with AI-driven asymmetric tactics at the speed of light and far beyond human ability to understand what it is doing.” {Technocracy}
  • Ab8 COVID-19 Drug Breakthrough: Tiny Antibody Component Completely Neutralizes the SARS-CoV-2 Virus {InvestWatch}
  • Technology is Only Skin Deep: Subdermal Microchip Implants {Thomasnet}
  • Hitachi Develops World’s Smallest RFID Chip. “Miniature RFID chips may also have advanced military applications such as smartdust. Smartdust is the concept of wireless MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) sensors that can detect anything from light and temperature to vibrations. ” {FutureOfThings}
  • Bill Gates says he isn’t sure he can trust the FDA on a coronavirus vaccine {ScoopyWeb}
  • More Than 1,600 New Jersey Primary Ballots Found In ‘Misplaced’ Bin 2 Months Later {Tathasta}
  • Sky News host Rowan Dean says the jury is in and says categorically “Hydroxychloroquine saves lives” and Australians must be given access to the drug. {YouTube}
  • Pennsylvania Lawmakers Considering Bill That Would Make Not Wearing A Mask A Misdemeanor {CBSLocal}
  • VA Data Breach Leaves Personal Info of 46,000 Veterans Exposed {Military}
  • YouTube Censors Video of Trump Coronavirus Adviser For Contradicting W.H.O. {YDN}
  • Petalo, not Charmin: Virus brings Mexican toilet paper to US {ABCNews}
  • B-52 bombers in Louisiana tested their ability to drop nuclear bombs {BusinessInsider}
  • Scientists Discover Antibody That ‘Neutralizes’ Virus That Causes COVID-19: Report {ScoopyWeb}
  • Trump Responds To Report That Iran Is Plotting To Assassinate U.S. Ambassador {Tathasta}
  • Trump says Iran will be met with retaliation ‘1,000 times greater in magnitude’ if it assassinates the US ambassador to South Africa or carries out any attack against the US {YDN}
  • Bureaucrats ‘deny the evidence, Hydroxychloroquine reduces death by 73 per cent’: Craig Kelly {YouTube}
  • President Trump Retweets Evidence COVID-19 Is Fizzling Out in the US If It’s Not Over {Cuzzblue}
  • How being sarcastic could kill you: Scientists reveal heart attack survivors with ‘hostile traits’ are more likely to die from a repeat event {YDN}
  • Donald Trump-appointed HHS spokesman says ‘buy ammunition’ as he claims Democrats are planning armed insurrection after election – and accuses CDC of ‘sedition’ against president in Facebook live rant {Madnesshub}
  • Schoolgirl, 16, is electrocuted in Thailand as she listened to music on her phone with headphones while it was charging. {DailyMail}
  • Douglas Murray – ‘America Has All the Bases Set for Civil War’ {Breitbart}
  • What Happened to Matt Drudge? {YouTube}
  • President Trump claimed the U.S. could have a COVID cure in four weeks. ‘We’ll have a vaccine in a matter of weeks, it could be four weeks, it could be eight weeks but we’re going to have it,’ Trump said on ‘Fox & Friends’ {Webnewsys}
  • Britons face quarantine across EVERY EU country as bloc adopts ‘standard’ threshold for imposing self-isolation rules on arrivals {ScoopyWeb}
  • Rare mosquito-borne virus suspected in Michigan: 10 counties urged to cancel outdoor events {Freep}
  • Poof! The Portland Riots Just Stopped. Why? {PJMedia}
  • Mask-Enforcing Humanoid Robots Set To Invade Office Spaces {ZeroHedge}
  • Germans found that Vitamin D increases the immune system by 3-5 times and is BETTER than any vaccine at helping the immune system beat the h5n1 (bird flu) virus. {InvestWatch}

9/14/2020 Monday

  • A Possible Sign Of Life Right Next Door To Earth, On Venus {USF}
  • Venus’ Spectral Signatures and the Potential for Life in the Clouds [2018] {Astrobiology}
  • Chemical signs of life in the atmosphere of Venus, in amounts far greater than should be detected without life.


  • Hints of life on Venus: Scientists detect phosphine molecules in high cloud decks {Phys}
  • Did Scientists Just Find Life on Venus? Here’s How to Interpret the Phosphine Discovery {Planetary}
  • Loads of Microbes Found High in [Earth] Atmosphere [Jan 28, 2013] {LiveSci}
  • Bacteria in the atmosphere cause rain [Oct 5, 2015] {SciNordic}
  • Living Bacteria Are Riding Earth’s Air Currents [Jan 11, 2016] {Smithsonian}
  • Bacteria are thriving in the sky — and they influence the weather [Mar 22, 2017] {PRI}
  • Why Does a Sudden Change in the Weather Cause Sickness? [Jul 27, 2017] {Healthfully}
  • Viruses are everywhere, maybe even in space [Jan 18, 2018] {SciDaily}
  • The hunt for viruses in space [Jan 22, 2018] {Astronomy}
  • Interstellar Influenza? Space Viruses Could Reveal Alien Life [Jan 24, 2018] {LiveSci}
  • Scientists say Earth’s atmosphere is raining viruses and bacteria down on the entire planet [Feb 6, 2018] {BGR}
  • Billions of Viruses Are Falling to Earth Right Now (But That Isn’t Why You Have the Flu) [Feb 7, 2018] {LiveSci}
  • A sign that aliens could stink [Dec 18, 2019] {MIT}
  • Bacteria from Earth can survive in space, study says [Aug 26, 2020] {MSN}
  • Phosphine appears as a colorless gas with a disagreeable odor of fish or garlic. {NIH}
  • Phosphine is made naturally by some species of anaerobic bacteria—organisms that live in the oxygen-starved environments of landfills, marshlands, and even animal guts. “the clouds [of Venus] carry the basic ingredients for life as we know it: sunlight, water, and organic molecules. And near the middle of the cloud layer, temperatures and pressures are rather Earthlike. “It’s shirt-sleeve weather, with all these tasty things to eat,” says Martha Gilmore, a Wesleyan University planetary scientist and leader of a proposed mission to Venus, referring to molecules in the planet’s air that microbes could metabolize.” {NatGeo}
  • Google searches for gut symptoms such as diarrhea predict Covid-19 hotspots weeks later, scientists claim {ScoopyWeb}
  • Coronavirus kills off BRAIN cells as it hijacks some to make copies of itself and starves others of oxygen, study finds {ScoopyWeb}
  • ‘Rogue’ Chinese Virologist Joins Twitter, Publishes “Smoking Gun” Evidence COVID-19 Created In Lab {ZeroHedge}
  • A letter to all elected officials in the country, demanding to know where they stand. {InvestWatch}
  • California Judge Eschews Religious Liberty, Allows LA County To Shut Down Church Services {YDN}
  • YouTube censors Stanford University-affiliated video featuring accomplished physician Scott Atlas because it ‘contradicts the World Health Organization’ {HideOutNow}
  • Oracle wins bid to buy TikTok’s US operation after the Chinese app rejected Microsoft – ahead of Trump’s deadline {StationGossip}
  • MASSIVE Protest Unfolds In Connecticut Over Decision To Cancel High School Football {InvestWatch}
  • Stop Coronavirus Act 2020 {MP-22}
  • We have an estimated 60 years of farmable soil left on the planet due mostly to unsustainable agriculture practices. {FoodRevolutionFilm}
  • COVID cybercrime: 10 disturbing statistics {ZDNet}
  • SpaceX set to launch its latest Starship prototype with completed nose cone 60,000 FEET into the air next week {MrMehra}
  • A former CIA ops officer who spent decades undercover in the Middle East and South Asia warns that “violence will explode” if Trump wins re-election and will probably continue anyway even if Biden wins. {ZeroHedge}
  • Trump tells Nevada rally he will ‘negotiate’ a THIRD term in the White House because he’s ‘entitled to it based on the way we were treated’ {DailyMail}
  • Chinese Government Combines “Track & Trace” COVID-System With Social Credit Score {ZeroHedge}
  • U.S. military begins testing flying surveillance balloons across the country to TRACK people’s movements. “The balloons are fitted with a sensitive radar technology that can track vehicles in all types of weather, day and night. Just one of the radar devices in these balloons can capture the motion of all cars traveling within a 25-mile radius. This means the military can track where vehicles are coming from in order to “rewind the tape” on people’s movements. … many Americans are very uncomfortable with the idea of having their every movement tracked, recorded and potentially stored where hackers can access it.” {StationGossip}
  • Gulf Coast residents fill up on gas and fill sandbags as they prepare for Tropical Storm Sally to hit as a Category 2 hurricane with 100 mph winds – less than a month after Hurricane Laura battered the region {YDN}
  • Donald Trump clashes with West Coast governors ahead of a visit to California where he will be briefed by Governor Gavin Newsom about the raging wildfires that have destroyed at least 3 million acres, enveloped cities in smog and killed at least 35 people {YDN}
  • 88-year-old man will walk final mile to total Earth’s circumference {UPI}
  • Australia Goes Full Fascist: State Issues First Ankle Tracker for Quarantine Violator {21stcenturywire}
  • Baltimore On Pace For Deadliest Year Ever: 46 Shot, 12 Killed Last Week {Zerohedge}
  • US Coronavirus Deaths Nears 200,000 But Fatality Rate Is Slowing Down {IBTimes}
  • Massive Lines Form Outside Virginia Food Bank As Demand Hits One Million Meals Per Month {Zerohedge}
  • Study: The global ocean appears to be absorbing far more carbon dioxide than current climate models predicted {InvestWatch}


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