Top 20 Recent World Strange Headlines

True Strange News

Content previously found on this page has been removed. We were using it to automatically embed the top strange news headlines from other strange news sites, but doing this was causing a problem for us with Google. It can be done technically and it is useful for us and for everyone. Clicking leads back to the original web sites, but Google still considers embedding other’s headlines evil because … we aren’t sure why exactly, but we had to take this down to get out of a Google penalty box that was limiting our Google search engine rank. It blows, because monopolies just do, but Google is HUGE, the number one most visited web site in the whole friggin’ world and if Google doesn’t like your site for any unsaid reason whatsoever, they can dry up your traffic in a big way. So, you win Google. Not sure what you are winning, exactly, but you’re the boss. Boss of the web. Okay.

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