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Noah’s Ark Plan from Europe’s Top Moon Man

Did you know the function of your appendix, which many still think is useless, seems to be to maintain a repository of bacteria to reboot your gut if something disrupts your digestive system? A chief scientist for the European Space Agency, Dr. Foing, has been a proponent of making the moon an appendix of the earth or put in another way, a sort of Noah’s Ark for all life so we could repopulate the planet in the event of a major disaster.

The European Space Agency’s chief scientist has said there should be a “Noah’s Ark” on the Moon, in case life on Earth is wiped out by an asteroid or nuclear holocaust. … Dr Bernard Foing said the ark should be a repository for the DNA of every single species of plant and animal.

Dr Foing is head of Europe’s Moon missions, so his thoughts on matters lunar should be taken seriously. He is concerned that if the Earth were destroyed, there would be little or nothing left of the rich diversity of life on the planet. His solution is to build a DNA library on Earth’s satellite.

“If there were a catastrophic collision on Earth or a nuclear war, you could place some samples of Earth’s biosphere, including humans, [on the Moon],” he said. “You could repopulate the Earth afterwards, like a Noah’s Ark,” he said. – BBC


I think the moon could be used as such a repository in case there is ever a global disaster on Earth. As a lifeboat, the moon is a lot closer than Mars. … We would need to have more than just a DNA bank on the moon, because we have learned from biology that life is more than the expression of information coded in DNA. We need to have some living organisms to really express the full range of life. So our lunar lifeboat would need to have a facility to grow plants and microorganisms, and, for more advanced life forms, to incubate eggs and develop embryos. In order to maintain this Noah’s Ark, first we could have robots do all the work. A robotic gardener can tend to flowers and microorganisms, and we would operate them remotely from Earth.  …  – AstroBio

This seems like a good idea but I doubt many would be willing to fund it.

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