Oldest living person at 117 is last born in 1800s

Oldest living person at 117 is last born in 1800s€ 

Emma Morano, thought to be the world’s current oldest living person and the last to be born in the 1800s, is seen during her 117th birthday.

Morano lives alone and has outlived all her eight brothers and sisters, including one who died at 102. She has thrived despite an unorthodox, unbalanced diet.

“When I first knew her she used to eat three eggs a day. Two raw, and one fried. Today she has slowed down a bit, reducing the number to two some days because she says three can be too much,” her doctor Carlo Bava told Reuters TV.

“She has never eaten much fruit or vegetables. Her characteristic is that she always eats the same thing, every day, every week, every month and every year.”

Still swearing by her diet of two raw eggs a day, Morano was born in November 1899, four years before the Wright brothers first took to the air. Her life has spanned three centuries, two World Wars and over 90 Italian governments.

Friends, neighbors and her doctor gathered in her small apartment in the northern town of Verbania, on the shores of Lake Maggiore, to mark the latest milestone, presenting her with a large white birthday cake.

“My life wasn’t so nice,” she told Reuters TV as she sat in an armchair by her window, a white shawl over her shoulders. “I worked in a factory until I was 65, then that was that.”

In an interview with La Stampa newspaper five years ago she said her fiance had died in World War One and that she had then been forced to marry a man she did not love.

“‘Either you agree to marry me or I will kill you’,” Morano said, recalling his proposal. “I was 26. We got married.”

It was not a happy marriage. They had a boy in 1937, but the baby died after just six months and the following year Morano kicked out her abusive husband. “I separated from him in 1938. I think I was one of the first in Italy to do that.”


Video here. A repetitious€ diet is a theme with the world’s top survivors. Jiroemon Kimura, the longest lived man we know of, grew his own garden and ate red bean cakes and rice, stopping when he was 80% full. € The oldest woman who ever lived, € Jeanne Louise Calment who lived to 122 attributed her longevity to olive oil. She added it to nearly every food she ate and also rubbed it onto her skin. She drank port wine frequently and ate two lbs. of chocolate per week until her doctor persuaded her to give up sweets at the age of 119. There was also Joan Riudavets Moll who reached age 114 and only ate a plant-based, vegetarian Mediterranean diet. Fred Harold Hale Sr. reached age 113 and credited his longevity to the bee pollen and honey he ate each day.

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