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Outage & Fire Maps – Lights Out for Nearly 1M in California

It’s a strange sight tonight, California cities with almost no visible lights due to the massive planned power outage in the face of dry weather and predicted high winds. Click for the PG&E outage map, updated every 30 minutes. Screenshots below from Saturday night, Oct 26, 2019 are static and will not update.

If you are caught in the California blackout, how are things for you?

The power is out for me here at the ocean.

In the city of Mendocino the cell towers still work and two grocery stores, a bar, and a pizza and ice cream joint are operating on backup generators at this time. Most restaurants are closed, of course, including the swanky Mendocino Hotel, but there are still guests at the hotel.

California Power Outage Map

Click for the PG&E outage map, updated every 30 minutes.

The above screenshot of the PG&E outage map shows that even the green areas are outages, just of less than 50 customers.

CA Fires Map

If you are near any of the fires, do you have a planned evacuation route?

The image above is not live. It is a screenshot Saturday night, Oct 26, 2019 from the free MyRadar App with winds and wildfires layers turned on. Most fire maps I tried for CA (, ucanr, sfchron, liveua, nbcla, nwgc) are not loading at this time, perhaps because too many people are checking them, but this app worked.


– Does your home have a backup generator?

– Do you have flashlights with extra batteries?

– Candles?

– Matches or a lighter?

– Radio working (+extra batteries) for alerts?

– Cars filled with gas?

– Cell phone charger in car?

– A “go bag” ready in case you need to leave fast?

– Plans for pets and medicines?

– Plenty of drinking water for a week?

– A cooler to keep frozen foods cold for days?

– Bottles of frozen water in the freezer?

– Refrigerator packed full with items, even if they don’t need to be kept cold (keeps bill down too)?

– Do you have foods you can eat for a week without refrigeration if needed?

– Mechanical can opener?

– A gas stove for cooking?

– Extra gas for the stove?

– If your house has an electric water pump, did you fill the bathtub or big buckets with water?

– You know you can flush a toilet just by pouring a bucket of water in the bowl, right?

The Bright Side

This outage is hugely unpopular but it will make California better prepared for future unplanned outages. We are supposed to test all of these things before we need them, but who has time? Well, the time is now, like it or not.

How Long Will It Last?

Perhaps through Monday, check the PG&E site for updates. We can’t be sure at this time. Here is a direct link to power restoration times planned or expected by PG&E. Just a blank white page, not loading, probably swamped with traffic. Why isn’t this secure, PG&E? It came from the button on your site.

Not super useful. Try the link later, you may have better luck.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company announced Saturday it will shut off power for 940,000 customers in Northern California in an effort to prevent more wildfires sparked by its electric lines.

Wildfire activity in California has surged since Wednesday, from the massive Kincade Fire in Sonoma County to the Tick Fire in Los Angeles County. As fire departments fight back the raging infernos, tens of thousands of people remain under evacuation orders for the second blaze-illuminated night.

… An estimated 50,000 residents were evacuated by Thursday evening, the Los Angeles County Fire Department reported.

The Tick Fire started on Thursday afternoon, exploding from 200 acres to 800 acres in less than an hour. By Friday night, it had grown to 4,005 acres with 10 percent containment, according to the Cal Fire.


Making the Best of It

I forgot to include comfort foods on the list of things you should have in hand. For me, curried cashews do y to he trick.

I watched a smoky orange sunset at 6:20 pm tonight. Smoke from the wildfires is all the way to the horizon out to sea. Last night the sunset was blood red, just orange tonight.

Stay safe. Also, if the smoke isn’t too bad, and your local city lights are out, it might be a great night for some good old fashioned stargazing.

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