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People are Paying for Fake Vacations

What is social “credit” for having gone on a vacation? Whatever it is, people want it so much that they are now paying for fake vacations to impress others on social media.

A Nebraska-based business is offering to bolster social media pages with expertly faked photos of the user on vacations they never took.
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The company, Fake a Vacation, will send your real pictures on a virtual vacation. Hawaii costs under $50, such a deal.

Where would you fake go?

I’d like to be in one of those romantic over the water bungalows in Tahiti.

I don’t think you should lie about it. It is just as interesting, probably even more so if you just tell the truth and show everyone your fake vacation photos as fakes.
This makes me think of Bill Shatner becoming a spokesperson for Priceline, essentially because he fake traveled to strange new worlds as Captain Kirk in the Star Trek series. We know he’s probably never been to space, but it doesn’t matter; he’s still been all over space in the minds of sci-fi fans, getting attacked by alien orbs while his crew watches… and stuff like that.

It’s fun to fake travel, but I think you get just as much social credit for being honest about faking it if that’s what you choose to do. Just ham it up good if you do it.

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