An image from China’s moon lander of the far side of the moon is surprisingly devoid of the moon rocks seen strewn about in other images we have taken on the moon. There is also a “suspicious” white line, leading some to claim China’s landing is a fake. Is this powdery rockless image the real surface of the moon, while all the other images we have seen were staged? The non-conspiracy option I favor is that a) not every place on the moon is equally littered with the same type of moon rocks and b) lighting matters. The far side of the moon, without the earth as a gravity shield, may get hit more by micrometeorites, for example, pulverizing any rocks laying around. Also, rocks, like wringles on a selfie taken with direct bright light, may seem to vanish when they cast no shadows.

This photo does look strange when compared to China’s previously released images from another probe of the moon’s surface.
These are from the 2013 lander on a different part of the moon:

Think about the shadows. It may be that the sun angle in the rock free image is directly above, and this makes rocks not stand out. The rover shadow seems to support this.
Note also that you can see a white line of rock in this last image above, so this type of natural rock structure may account for the so called “stage prop line” on the recent far side image.
The differences in the moon’s surface are still interesting.

China made headlines at the beginning of January when it’s Chang’e-4 landed on the far side of the moon. State-run media outlet China Daily said at the time: “China’s Chang’e-4 landed on the moon’s far side, inaugurating a new chapter in mankind’s lunar exploration history.” But other than a few scarce announcements here and there, China has been typically secretive about the mission, keeping a lot of information under wraps.
The nation’s decision not to be transparent coupled with a recent finding in an image has some convinced that China faked the entire mission.
This was because a white line was spotted in front of the rover in one of the images, which some have concluded is a “stage prop line”, which authorities failed to remove.
Prominent UFO hunter Scott C Waring also says there is a lack of moon rocks in the images, which suggests the Chinese are not on the lunar satellite.
Mr Waring wrote for his blog UFO Sightings Daily: “I instantly noticed a stage prop line for placement of the rover in the photo!
A “stage prop line” was supposedly seen on China’s moon images (Image: CNSA)
“That’s right, someone mistakenly placed a line in front of the rover and forgot to erase it. Or they should have made the line much smaller.
“This screams staged event all together.
“Sure I could be wrong, but if you look at the original photo you will see that there are no other lines in the entire giant panoramic photo.
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Parts of the surface in the bigger panorama do have rocks… but not the same. Again, this may be due to the angle of light from the sun.

Here is another image of the supposed “prop line” or rock line in the panorama:

It looks to me like a light or reflection from the top of the rover is shining on a strip of lunar soil. Perhaps the rover has a sampling ability and it took a sample there.
Here is a similar white line in front of a different lander:

The above, from China’s previous robotic moon landing, Chang’e 3, is a rover called Yutu or “Jade Rabbit” which was on the surface in December 2013.
Fascinating how red it looks. Thanks, China.

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