The latest live broadcasts from TrueStrangeNews are currently on Periscope. (https://www.periscope.tv/truestrangenews/) True Strange News currently also has a backlog of several hours of audio interviews from our visit to Rachael Nevada’s Little Ale’e Inn and those will hopefully appear in this spot when we get caught up on other things. We will send out an email blast when we start publishing those.

About Podcasts: True Strange News Show focuses the many offbeat topics you will find on TrueStrangeNews.com. The show gives new voices a space to share experiences that go beyond the typical. Many normal, well adjusted and sane people who lead fairly normal lives have had one or more experiences that are completely astonishing.

True Strange News greatly enjoyed the Art Bell radio show, Coast to Coast AM, which got pretty big during its time. Art Bell was an amazing one man show and his guests and callers were an interesting cross-section from all across the country.

“How many talk hosts have the engineering know-how to produce their own show, run their own technical board, and generally control the ebb and flow of the show from the first on- air minute to the last? Art Bell’s grasp of the electronic revolution–and how to make it personal–is unique; he’s a talk show host primed to influence 21st century America in more ways than one.”  – C2C

Another host who is pulling off an amazing one man show these days is Steve Lookner of Agenda Free TV. Steve doesn’t cover the weird stuff like Art, in fact, he avoids and even specifically prohibits conspiracy related speculation. He doesn’t do interviews, but Steve does read selected comments from viewers on the air, which makes it interesting and interactive. He broadcasts straight news and popular culture, but with much more depth than regular news.

You can join him for broadcasts that last sometimes 30 minutes to an hour or more, giving everyone time to share various views about what is going on. From a tech point of view, the simultaneous multi-platform broadcasts on YouTube, Periscope, Facebook and several others make it interesting to me. Lookner’s quick knowledge of web resources, personability and level headed fact-based reporting make it a really compelling show. Many people in the Agenda Free TV chat rooms have commented that this one guy is better than any network news.

So, stay tuned to True Strange News as we bring new articles on line at truestrangenews.com, and if you want good daily agenda free coverage of current news, join Steve Lookner on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Periscope. True Strange News is currently a moderator for Agenda Free TV on Periscope, so join us there.

True Strange News, November 7, 2019


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