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A Poltergeist Experience, Plus Wild Coincidences

Update 2019: Looking back, this below was one of the events that changed my views and lead me to start going to church again after many years. It was a very powerful personal experience.

Today I experienced what some would call a poltergeist. I was eating lunch and right at the crescendo end of a show I was watching, a show about lost love ones, actually, right at the big finale as the music swelled, with tears in my eyes, I watched without emotion as a door in my house opened by itself slowly. It stayed open for a bit, then … it very slowly closed. The thing is, there was no discernible wind.

This door has never done that before. Shortly after this, some friends in Hawaii I hadn’t heard from in about a month told me out of the blue that they had just written my departed fiancés’ name on a memorial lantern in a ceremony. The Eureka episode I was watching was, “God is in the Details.” Season 2, episode 10, the only episode of this sci-fi show so far that has said anything much about religion.

Another mind blower: The air date for this episode was September 11 (2007). My fiance died in 2016 and three years before that, she and I talked about September 11th on our first date in a graveyard because she was wearing an “Inside Job” T-shirt about the attacks of 9/11/2001 on that date, for a reason I never asked or understood. Another thing, she and I once had a meaningful trip to the city of Eureka, California.

Am I making something out of nothing, or are these all clues in the game of my life that I can no longer choose to ignore? Here’s the plot of the episode:

Sudden muteness, human bio-luminescence, and faucets running blood cause many of Eureka’s citizens to believe that they are the victims of a Biblical plague. Allison begins to glow, but the bioluminscence will kill her, and then all power goes out in Eureka. It is discovered that a woman, recently widowed, has been building a machine that has connected all space and time a temporal rift, or a gateway to the multiverse so that she can be with her husband again (she believes the gateway to lead to heaven), but doing so has created specific ultrasonic sound waves that put pressure on human vocal cords, making speech impossible, it vibrated microorganisms in the water, who released a red dye, and somehow caused Allison’s cells to glow. The machine is shut off and Stark is afraid Allison is going to die, for he cannot find a cure. Stark brings in Kevin, who is able to heal her. The town returns to normal.

Did my own subconscious mind so strongly desiring to be reunited with my lost love cause the door to open telekinetically? Was it an actual ghost? I felt absolutely no fear. It happened in the full light of day, with no positive or negative emotions triggered at the time by the event.

Crazy coincidences like this have increased my view that this all may be a simulated universe. It is the most logical way I have to understand strings of highly improbable events in my life.

Another big clue embedded in my life game: Elon Musk, who put a real red Tesla roadster in space after I was in a music video driving in a red tesla roadster in space is certain that life is a video game. The argument is that we’ve gone from Pong to realistic multiplayer games like GTA in just 40 years, so you can imagine in another 100 that a game could be indistinguishable from reality.

One thing that later generations might do with their super-powerful computers is run detailed simulations of their forebears or of people like their forebears.

I got excited about the game Zork as a kid, a text-only “choose your own adventure” game where the object was to explore, solve puzzles, gather treasures and put them all in a trophy case. (Play it here.) I feel pretty certain that accumulating wealth is not the point, but that might be part of it for some, if wealth is used for good deeds.

For me, the life game seems to be about little quests and helping others as opportunities permit. The object is probably to self-improve until you can consistently show love, compassion and good character, especially when life tests you by being crappy.

Is the game goal to do the greatest good for the most humans? My meditation phrase keeps me focused, “Have I done today the good I may? (I’m on the app Insight Timer if you meditate and would like to join me.) This was my train of thoughts after an unexplained phenomena today. What now, life?


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She sounds like a vibrant soul. Enjoy the meditation retreat.


As the game unfolds life evolves. This is a neat post. What is the next step?


Lovely post, Xeno.

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