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Yo, I am a veterinarian in northern minnesota and I have two of these type of creatures in my practice. They are dogs suffering from genetic skin mutations. Many dogs which have “blue” coats, like some Samoyeds, some Dobermans, and others can throw dangerous genetic skin mutations which will make the animal hairless. In addition the condition is frequently accompanied by nasty scaly lesions, atypical toenail growth and appearance and even strange tooth growth. Many Chinese Hairless dogs have wierd spikey teeth. Some wierd gene brought along with the hairless thing. Having more than one in an area probably means they are related a generation or two back. Since the animal with this kind of near lethal genetic mutation probably has a whole host of genetic problems, immune dificiency among them it would also be possible for an immune compromised animal to be more likely to have mange. You have probably received similar reports from other vets. Nice site. You got to love the Aye-Aye


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