Realm of the Bizarre: How to become invisible

You can never see it all on YouTube, and you shouldn’t try, but sometimes I find things that only a few other people have viewed that are funny as heck and this is one I wanted to share:

Is the ability to make objects invisible already in the hands of scientists at Stanford? Dr. Ruehl has the answers for his viewers, and a few less-than-scientific thoughts on the subject. He also has some information about new facials being given in Japan. If you’re squeamish about the subject of bird poop, maybe you should wait for episode 36. Lastly, we have a disturbing tale of revenge, and an odd account of what can, but shouldn’t, get you evicted.

Video here. This guy is wild. This video was posted on YouTube on Feb 12, 2012.

I haven’t tried his invisibility trick yet as he doesn’t give a sure fire way to reverse the effect. You should always consider that before becoming invisible with electron bubbles in my view.

Here’s another video on how to make something invisible.

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amovavu (Picasa)
amovavu (Picasa)

Yes, did the Rah mahhh thing, I became invisable!, only due to the fact everyone left the room in disbelief.… Read more »

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