Researchers: Neanderthals Taught Humans How to Use Bone Tools

Researchers: Neanderthals Taught Humans How to Use Bone Tools

Scientists gathered to participate in the analysis of new evidence surrounding Neanderthals at the University of Wollongong. Their conclusions center around specialized tools, crafted from deer ribs that were discovered with Neanderthal dead.

Previously these tools were solely associated with modern humans.

Findings suggest that these tools were actually invented by Neanderthals and later adopted by early modern humans.
Zenobia Jacobs, co-author of the study said: “It looks like a technology invented by Neanderthals might still be in use more than 50,000 years [later].”

Jacobs further explained: “Based on current evidence we think Neanderthals were there on their own, and they developed this technology on their own.”

Rachel Wood, archaeologist and researcher in radiocarbon dating at the Australian National University, commented : “It’s adding to a growing body of research, that’s growing quite rapidly at the moment, that’s showing that Neanderthals are capable and did produce tools … in a way that is much more similar to modern humans than we thought even a couple of years ago.”

A recent fascination with Neanderthals has been rampant within the scientific community.

Earlier this year, George Church, professor of genetics at Harvard School of Medicine, is endeavoring to reconstruct Neanderthal DNA in an effort to save humanity in the event of a devastating apocalypse. Church is actively seeking a female volunteer to have a neo-Neanderthal embryo implanted into her and carry the baby to term as a surrogate mother.

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