RIP Neil Peart

I only had the chance to see Rush the band live one time, but I was so glad I did. There will only ever be one legendary Neil Peart. By a strange coincidence, without knowing he had just passed away, yesterday I was playing several Rush songs, someone told me their first concert was Rush and they remembered how great the bells that the drummer played were. Another person told me she had a friend in a Rush cover band. The ripples of Neil Peart are echoing through the universe.

Neil Ellwood Peart, OC (/pɪərt/; September 12, 1952 – January 7, 2020) was a Canadian musician and writer best known as the drummer and primary lyricist of the rock band Rush. Peart received numerous awards for his musical performances, including an induction into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame in 1983, making him the youngest person ever so honoured. His drumming was renowned for its technical proficiency, and his live performances for their exacting nature and stamina.

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Peart’s lyrics were great, sometimes delivering philosophical gems worthy of any human mind and experience.

“When you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”
Neil Peart

One of my favorite Rush legends from my high school days was that some kid turned in the lyrics to Red Barchetta as his own writing in an English class. The teacher didn’t know Rush and gave him an “A” on the paper. Don’t try this at home.

RIP Neil Pert.

Here’s a really fun one to play if you are in a Rush cover band:

The timing on the into, especially if you’ve only ever played songs in 4/4 time, seems like magic. How in the heck do they count this? The use of different time signatures (1,2,3,4,5,6,7, then 1,2,3, then 1,2,3,4,5 all in the same song, instead of 1,2,3,4 all the way through as with most rock songs), is why some people call Rush “math rock.”

Here’s a clip from “Beyond the Lighted Stage” that shows how Neil Peart related to fans as compared to the other members of Rush.

When his wife (Jacqueline Taylor) passed away 10 months after the death of their 19-year-old daughter in a car accident, Neil spent a lot of time alone on a motorcycle traveling and the future of the band Rush was uncertain.

Dinner with Rush.

The making of the Rush song YYZ. This is one of my favorites.

Neil Peart gives a drum solo lesson.

More news tributes:

Neil Peart on the album Moving Pictures, track by track.

“Every one of those songs was designed to be played live. We’re playing the whole album now, 30 years later.”


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