My pick for the best strange news item today is the Canadian Roof Moose. Surprisingly, this is not such a rare thing. Below are more photos of other Canadian roof moose.

The Prince George woman said her husband heard strange noises coming from above while he was parking his car, and he looked above the carport to discover the moose perched on the roof.
The couple captured cellphone video of the moose as it wandered around the rooftop in an apparent attempt to find a way down.
Police were summoned, but the moose was able to climb down and flee the scene before they arrived.

There was a snow ramp for this moose to ascend and descend, no doubt, but it is fun to think a moose would just hop up there. Do they fly? Usually not.

Being from California, any moose is a strange sight, but a moose on a roof doubly so.

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