Russian surgeon arrested for taking heroin from patient’s stomach

Russian 2A Russian surgeon has been arrested for taking a five-gram bag of heroin he found in a patient’s stomach.

“The doctor was intoxicated at the time of detention,” police for the Siberian region of Krasnoyarsk said in a statement on Tuesday, adding he faced up to 15 years in prison for theft and possession.

The surgeon carried out an operation to remove packages containing heroin from a man’s stomach at the request of police, but the criminal investigative department later realised some of the drugs were missing.

The doctor, who was not named, refused to answer questions without a lawyer, police said.

It was not clear whether the patient had been arrested.

Via Reuters: Oddly Enough

Here is a blurb on how much heroin is worth, the street prices for those hooked on drugs or trying to sell them.

Heroin users in New Zealand live in a country that holds the top spot costing more than $806 per gram. Americans pay a high $228 per gram, while the drug is much cheaper in Europe: $45 in France, $55 in Germany, and $80 in Italy. Heroin also costs $80 per gram in Russia, but a staggering $625 in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia—the second highest price in the world. Strangely enough, you can buy a gram of heroin on the street in England for $63, but the same gram will cost you $193 in Ireland.

Although heroin is only $90 a gram in China, the drug costs an astounding $441 a gram in Japan. A smaller island nation makes for stronger borders and harder importation. In Bahrain, you have to pay $239 for a gram while next door in Saudi Arabia, the same gram on the street only costs $42. Then again, the death penalty, if caught, could help deter buyers and lower the price.

via TheFix

In Russia, the theft would be worth $400. In Russia, according to NationMaster, however, the average monthly disposable salary is $686.16 after taxes while in the USA the average montly disposable salary is $3,258.85. If the surgeon took the heroin to the former Soviet Republic of Georgia and managed to sell it with getting caught or shot, the amount would fetch only $3,125 which is still not worth the risk of the strange crime of trying to steal from a patient’s stomach. Perhaps someone else grabbed it and he is being blamed.

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