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Saying No to Gandalf Role Cost Sir Sean Up To 225 million

Sir Sean Connery could have had the role of Gandalf in the hugely successful Lord of the Rings films, but he declined it. In hindsight, he would have made up to 255 million (British pounds) which is 263.5 million US dollars at current rates.

SEAN Connery turned down the largest paycheck in cinema history when he refused an offer to play Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, it has emerged.


Saying no to Gandalf cost Sir Sean up to 225 million

If the actor had put on the long white beard and clasped the wizard’s staff as the hero of Middle Earth he would have earned as much as 225 million British pounds. Peter Jackson, the director of the fantasy trilogy, has revealed that New Line Cinema, the production company behind the films, offered the Scottish actor between 10 and 15 per cent of worldwide box office takings to secure his participation. (Scottsman)

Sir Sean Connery would have made a great white wizard, but he had his reasons. They were going to pay him a lower fee and a percentage of the profits, but he declined. He mainly didn’t connect with the character because he didn’t understand the complicated plot.

Last year Sir Sean explained his decision to turn down the role: “Yeah, well, I never understood it. I read the book, I read the script, I saw the movie. I still don’t understand it. I would be interested in doing something that I don’t fully understand, but not for eighteen months.”

We must agree. Gandalf’s motivation, what drives him, how powerful he is or isn’t, even how smart he is, is not clear from the books. For example, if he could call giant eagles to rescue Sam and Frodo *after* they deliver the ring to the volcano, why didn’t he just send eagles to drop the ring in the volcano in the first place?

One criticism of this alternative ending is that the eagle may have been corrupted by the ring and would have ended up delivering it to Sauron. In other words, Gandalf probably knew that even a blindfolded eagle could have not resisted as well as a Hobbit? Hmm.



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