‘Self-cleaning shirt’ released by US firm

'Self-cleaning shirt' released by US firm

Wool&Prince, an American firm, says its new wool shirt can go months without being cleaned because the fabric is naturally resistant to odours.

As an added bonus, the shirts will never need to be ironed because the material does not wrinkle, even when stuffed into a gym bag at the end of the day, the company said.

The shirts, which are dry-clean or gentle-wash only, use wool fibres which can be bent back on themselves 20,000 times without breaking, compared with cotton which bends only 3,200 times.

This means the fabric can be repeatedly crushed and stretched out and still regain its original shape when shaken out, the company said.

Wool avoids accumulating odour because it is more efficient than other fabrics at absorbing sweat — which itself has no smell — and evaporating it into thin air before bacteria develop on the surface, the company added.

The garments were given to 15 “testers” who wore them while performing energetic activities such as backpacking in the Andes and dancing in a sweaty nightclub.

A spokesman from the company said the testers had affirmed its claims about the fabric’s odour and wrinkle free properties.

Investors who helped fund the company on the crowd-sourcing website Kickstart are being offered the garments for £63. Normal retail prices have yet to be announced.

A spokesman for Wool&Prince said it did not expect anyone to try going more than three months without washing their shirt but added: “If you want to go for the 100 Day Challenge, we aren’t going to stop you.”

via ‘Self-cleaning shirt’ released by US firm – Telegraph.

Awesome and surely they should be available in the US by 2018… Perhaps. Try here. There is also this:

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