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Sound Alternatives to Dog Anxiety Meds for Fireworks

New Years celebrations approach and fireworks terrify some dogs. Sone even die from firework fright.

In recent news, the US has approved Pexion ( which contains imepitoin an anti-convulsant once used to treat epilepsy in humans), a prescription medicine for dog anxiety some will use to calm their pets.

Due to some potential nasty side effects such as vomiting, agression and loss of control, I thought I’d offer a kinder and possibly simpler alternative, get or make a Boom-proof dog house.

You could drug your dog for days to protect it from its fear of deep loud noises:

Dog owners have a new option to help their pet deal with loud noises

Dr. Colleen Carney is no stranger to dealing with anxious dogs at Neffsville Veterinary Clinic in Lancaster County. Some of that anxiety leads to dogs acting out when they hear loud noises. Whether it be from fireworks or thunderstorms, some dogs hide, bark, howl and tear up the house.

A drug, Pexion, has recently been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to help dogs scared of loud noises.

“It’s nice to know we’ve got a new option out there in order to treat anxiety for these reasons, something that’s hopefully safe and well tested,” said Veterinarian Colleen Carney at Neffsville Veterinary Clinic.

Pexion is given to dogs twice daily starting two days before an expected noise event and continued through the event.

The FDA says side effects include difficulty standing and walking, increased appetite and vomiting.

Pet owners should know a few dogs in the study were aggressive after taking the drug, growling at a young child and didn’t have self-control toward other dogs.

Dr. Carney says successfully managing anxiety takes time and effort.

Aside from medication things like a snug fitting jacket can help calm your dog during fireworks and storms.

“We can get them through it. We can potentially get them off of medications and all of those things so the training aspect and the behavior modifications that we can offer are really important on top of just having medication,” said Carney.

The drug will be available by prescription only because a veterinarian is needed to figure out if it’s the best treatment for your dog.

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Anxiety is a natural and useful animal response to many stressful situations. It helps us focus on what really matters in life, but too much is toxic.

What feels right? What makes more basic sense, to fight against an animal’s biological nature with a drug or to allow the animal to go to a quiet safe place (and to leave) at will?

To muffle thunder, earthquakes, fireworks, etc., you may not need to buy an $800 fireworks damping dog house, (Great Britain only keeps howling sounds from getting out too) but the idea is still solid. Heavy things like bricks and metal best stop low loud sounds.

Cheap Hobo Solution: Get any Structurally sound dog house or even a sturdy box. Cover all but the entrance with heavy moving blankets or other safe and proven sound dampening materials. Hang some heavy blankets in front of (but not covering) the entrance or door to your sound-dampened hideout.

Tell your neighborhood what you are doing, then have test drills with booms from a car stereo with subwoofers. Start quietly and increase slightly, watching your dog’s reaction both inside and outside of the dog house. With some encouragement and adjustments your pet will easily learn to go into the sound house to avoid the booms.

Note: Do not try this test in Rockford, Il, however, where boomcars are impounded on local law.

This month the city of Rockford, Illinois will begin allowing residents to call the police and have any vehicle seized on the mere accusation that the car used a loud stereo system. Under an ordinance adopted August 20, police can impound any vehicle if police believe it is likely that it played loud music. Cars taken will be held until fines of $150 to $750 are paid — in addition to a $75 towing fee, a $15 to $20 per day storage fee and a $60 per hour charge if the police officer has to wait more than an hour for the tow truck.

“No person shall operate… any device used to… reproduce any recorded sound if the device is located… in any motor vehicle on the public way and the sound can be heard from 75 feet or more from the device,” Ordinance 2007-158-0 states in defining the new crime.

There is no requirement that a police officer responding to a complaint objectively measure sound levels with electronic equipment or even personally witness an alleged offense. Instead, the ordinance states that “hearsay evidence shall be admissible” and that property will be seized upon the assertion of probable cause.

If a motorist believes his car has been unlawfully towed on a Friday after 5pm, he may challenge the taking by “depositing a written request for a hearing in the silver drop box located behind city hall,” according to the ordinance. The city must then respond by the following Wednesday. If the registered owner was not driving at the time the car was taken, he will be mailed a letter within ten days. After this time he is given less than fifteen days to request a hearing. The city may then wait another 45 days to schedule a hearing while storage fees accumulate up to $1100.

A hearing officer designated by Rockford will decide under a preponderance of evidence standard whether it is likely the motorist is guilty, in which case the hearing officer’s employers will collect the fine and fee revenue from the motorist. If the vehicle’s owner does not receive the mailed notice or cannot pay the fees within 30 days, the city will confiscate the vehicle permanently.

Via Newspaper

Ill-a-noise is the right state to have this silent ordinance. Will Ordinance 2007-158-0 spread to other cities and states? Some feel strongly that it should, due to health and safety risks.

a new European study, found that exposure to excessive traffic noise is linked to a higher risk of heart disease.

Defined as noise louder than conversation level — around 60 decibels (dB) — noise pollution mainly affects those living near busy roads, under flight paths, or those who are exposed to industrial machinery.

See this Published Article for details.

For dogs–animals that bark to instill fear and to warn other animals–the booms of fireworks are very loud, random and they represent a giant unknown present threat from a presumably HUGE animal. Giving them a calm quiet place to escape is a great alternative to sedatives or anti-anxiety medications.


Tonight in the North Bay area there are huge booms … of fireworks. It is saturday, December 8, 2018. I knew nothing about any fireworks tonight when I wrote this. Chineese New Year is in February! No big games, what the heck? Why the unexpected fireworks? I did a search an found out, but it took a bit to find.

The Sausalito on the Waterfront Association hosts their annual Lighted Boat Parade along the waterfront. Watch over 50 festive, lighted and decorated boats cruise along the Sausalito Waterfront, followed by spectacular winter fireworks and dance party.

2018 Sausalito Lighted Boat Parade & Fireworks
Saturday, December 8, 2018 | Parade starts at 6 pm
Sausalito Waterfront
FREE to watch the parade and fireworks. Other activities including reserved seating and the after party require paid tickets.

Please note, this event will take place on December 8 and not on December 9 as was previously listed.

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Odd coincidence, me writing this article earlier today. Just one more in a series of seemingly impossible weird coincidences that follow me around. Are our thoughts guided by some awareness of the future?

Anyway, this Earth is a great simulation, highly enjoyable at times, very realistic, with Universe-level attention to detail. It is a work of art’s work of art.

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