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Stolen Newborn Sold on Facebook

Stolen Newborn Sold on Facebook

A man in India sold his grandchild on Facebook for 70,000 rupees (US$1,278). After his daughter Noor gave birth to his grandson, Feroze Khan, with the help of some hospital staff, he took the baby and was able to give him to his buyer, Amir Kumar. After seeing pictures of Feroze’s grandson via Facebook, Kumar agreed to pay for the baby.

Police learned about the incident after Noor filed complaints that her father sold her son. They immediately launched an investigation and were able to trace the baby in Delhi.

Ludhiana’s Commissioner of Police, Ishwar Singh, said, “We acted upon the complaint of the mother, who alleged that her child was stolen from the nursing home in Ludhiana. After investigations, we found the grandfather of the child had struck a deal with a man in Delhi and had roped-in the nursing staff to smuggle the baby out of the nursing home. We have arrested four people including the grandfather. We have also booked the buyer from Delhi.”

The reason for all this was that Mr. Khan was planning on another arranged marriage for his daughter. He had hoped that his daughter would get an abortion, but the hospital staff did not agree.

Don’t sell humans. Not even on Facebook.

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Fred Killer
Fred Killer

70,000 Rupees?

That’s quite reasonable actually. If it was male child, he could have got far more than that on eBoy!

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