Strange Claim: Viktor Grebennikov’s Anti-Gravity Platform

A Russian man named Viktor Grebennikov supposedly discovered that some insect wing covers have anti-gravity properties. Using these wing covers together, he claims to have created a flying platform that could travel at amazing speeds silently and at times, invisibly.

Grebennikov wrote detailed accounts of his experiences flying over the Russian countryside using his levitation device. These flying experiences as well as his reported observations of other paranormal phenomena, usually involving insect nests or parts, appear in his self-published book My World (Source)

He refused to name the potent insect for its protection from humanity, but he did provide photos of the platform, including one with it appearing to levitate.

Wikipedia has this summary:

Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov was a self-proclaimed Russian scientist, naturalist, entomologist and paranormal researcher best known for his claim to have invented a levitation platform which operated by attaching dead insect body parts to the underside.Wikipedia


Here’s a video with a summary about his discovery of a levitating bug.

The site RexResearch includes translations of his claims which make interesting reading if you have the time and can suspend your disbelief.

… The second reason for my “non-disclosure” is more objective. I have found these antigravitational structures only in one species of Siberian insects. I dare not even naming the class to which this insect belongs, because it seems to be on the verge of extinction and the population surge, which I had registered back then, was possibly local and final. Now, what would be the guarantee that dishonest people, half competent in biology, would not rush out to ravines, meadows and forests to catch perhaps the very last samples of this miracle of nature, if I were to name the genus and the species? What are the guarantees that they would not plough up hundreds of glades and cut down dozens of forests to get to this potentially lucrative prey?


…  I hope I will be understood and forgiven by those of my readers who wanted immediate information about my discovery not for selfish ends, but simply out of curiosity. Indeed, what would you do in my place if you were to act in the best interests of The Living Nature?


Besides, I can see that similar inventions have been made by other people who are also in no rush to take their discoveries to bureaucrats’ offices, who prefer to fly across night skies in the guise of strange disks, triangles, or squares which surprise eyewitnesses with their iridescent flickering…


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This has the interesting claim that all manner of UFOs are invented by people like him who have discovered secrets (perhaps of nature) that allow travel which seems to defy the known laws of physics.

Did Viktor Grebennikov develop an anti-gravity platform that created a force shield around him and allowed him to travel at 1,000+ miles per hour? How would you prove or disprove his claims?

The Disclosure Network has this for anyone interested:

Viktor claimed he used beetle wing covers to create a flying platform that could reach speeds up to 1500+ mph without feeling the effects of inertia, wind, or air friction. For those viewers who do not know anything about this research, please visit this website for more information. (suspended link)

The page, however, has been “suspended” but a copy can be read on the Internet Archives here. Another interesting paragraph from this source:

My platform and I cast no shadow (although the shadow occasionally appears): I see three kids on the edge of a forest, go down, drop my speed, and fly right near them. They show no reaction, which means that everything is fine-neither I, nor my shadow are visible. Or heard: the propulsion principle of my device is such that the platform makes no sound whatsoever, because there is practically no air friction.

We may never have enough data to conclusively rule out the effect that he claimed to have discovered, but it could certainly explain many UFO sightings if what he claims to have found does exist and has been developed. Natural world explanations for anti-gravity effects would not rule out other-worldly technologies, of course, both human and ET craft might simultaneously exist.

In this year, 2020, I hope we have some big discoveries or revelations that may answer some of these very long standing questions.

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