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Strangest World Possible

In an infinite universe, must everything exist? For example, must there be a world where it rains tacos? We now have confirmed over 3,430 planets, some strange, outside our own solar system. Before 1992, we knew of none. Some people I’ve met did not understand that an infinite universe does not require unlimited possibilities. 

Our universe seems so far to have laws which are never violated. A particular phenomenon always occurs if certain conditions are  present. How can anything infinite not include everything?

Imagine an infinite line which is a foot wide. That line is the universe. It is truly infinite, it goes on forever in both directions, yet it is not unlimited. It will never be where it is not. 

Understanding and accepting limitations can save you a lot of grief. An infinite universe does not mean everything is possible. As we discover new worlds, we will not find an entire planet made of discarded troupes. 

Our power of imagination, the ability to run simulations, combining past experiences in new unique ways, lets us have internal experiences outside of the universe boundary. 

Within the limitations of known laws of physics, however, there are still fascinating and unexpected worlds. On one, NASA believes it rains glass sideways. Another is egg shaped, close to being torn apart. One world is as light as styrofoam. Another is frozen at minus 370 degrees Fahrenheit. 

At this point information about the size, shape and environment of exoplanets planets is from methods such as doppler and transit (the planet changing light of something it moves in front of,)  and images are just artists concepts. An excellent description of these strange new worlds is given by NASA.


If you add world/planet building aliens into the mix, you’d get many more possible strange worlds, nevertheless, I believe in an infinite limited universe.

The fun of separating imagination from as yet undiscovered reality is why I love science-fiction.

Of course, if this universe is all just a very advanced simulation, then vastly more things are possible. If your thoughts and actions please the programmer(s), for example, you might be rewarded with super powers.

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