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Strange Sliding Feet Kinesthetic Hallucination 

I have not been sleeping the last four days, and it’s getting harder to concentrate as a result.
You may notice my writing gets more chaotic as I fight Lyme/mold/immune system dysfunction. Perhaps it will be amusing or of scientific value. Here’s something pretty strange that happened to me this morning:

Today, fully awake, standing in my kitchen, the bottoms of my feet in socks felt like they were sliding backwards on the floor. This lasted about 4 seconds and gave me, after 2 seconds of the sliding, a rush of adrenaline and vertigo, probably as my body tried to make positional sense of the experience.

One possible explanation is that Lyme bacteria in my brain are messing with brain cells. In this case, they triggered a physical memory of my feet sliding on the floor in socks. My feet do burn and tingle at night after I’m lying down for a few minutes, and after a long walk. I thought the problem might be a blood circulation issue or nerve damage in the feet, but neither of those would cause the vivid distinct sensation of sliding motion on the bottoms of both of my feet.

I think this is related: Last night, after several nights of not being able to sleep due to intense random itches that come on when I get still, I went to bed early and couldn’t sleep no matter what I tried. I tried deep relaxation, self hypnosis, counting sheep, not thinking, special breathing techniques, everything I could think of for five hours. It wasn’t even the itches much this time. I’ve always been able to fall to sleep quickly and easily, but the mechanism just wouldn’t kick in. I finally took 3mg of melatonin, and was finally asleep in about 45 minutes when I had a nightmare that woke me up. 

In the nightmare, I was in a dungeon with evil spirits, something grabbed me by the feet and was pulling me into the darkness. It was a very real feeling. I called out “help me” as I woke feeling pretty sure no one could. I was also vocalizing this as I woke up. 

After the dream I was fully awake, and I saw the closet door open. It had not been open when I went to sleep. No one else is in the house. My heart raced a bit and I concluded I must have been sleep walking or the wind blew it open.

I never have nightmares. 

I thought it was PTSD, until I had that fully awake foot sliding kinesthetic hallucination this morning. Now my best hypothesis is lyme spirochetes wiggling around bumping my brain neurons. 

The glands in my neck are swollen, but I don’t have a temperature.

I would not wish Lyme on my worst enemy.

Before she died, my fiancé could not sleep for more than about an hour for over a month. She told me there were parasites in her brain and that she had brain damage. I didn’t know about Lyme then or even that she woke up covered by 50 tics in a cabin years before I met her, until I heard her tell her doctor this in an audio recording she left. 

It seems possible that if Lyme bacteria or something else damages a part of your brain, this can break the ability to sleep and then you’d die within a few months, probably because the brain shrinks when we sleep and the CSF washes out the daily debris. The specific area of damage might be the dorsal raphe nucleus neurons. If this area is firing, mice can’t sleep. If it is silenced, mice can’t stay awake. 

Will I be able to sleep tonight? What new weird experiences await in dreams as invaders mess with my brain? Time to find out. This is just a theory, but I think it is a rational one based on real evidence. Lyme spirochetes invade the nervous system within the first 24 hours of infection. I have a consultation with the neurologist about antibiotics that will cross the blood brain barrier on Monday.

I have a headache right now. Night.

Result: Good sleep hygiene (zero lights in room, earplugs, cold room, turn off all devices and wifi) helped me get about 4-5 hours, three hour less than I need, but I’ll take it.

New Pattern? The last two nights my normal 7 hour solid pattern has switched to a 3-4 hour pattern. I just wake spontaneously after about 4 hours now. Am I getting Delta wave sleep, the deepest which happens at the end of the sleep cycle? If this keeps up I’ll get a sleep study done.


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