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Sub-Zero Sun Dogs, Alaska Prep

I’ve seen sun dogs before and have probably blogged about them, but cold weather as a cause got my attention due to my quest to take my fiancĂ©’s ashes up to Alaska.

Here are the sun dogs:

Sub-zero temperatures in West Michigan led to many residents spotting a “sun dog” phenomenon that made it look as though there were two extra suns in the sky.

Photos snapped Thursday morning in various locations on the lower west side of the state show the sun being flanked by two illusion suns caused by the refraction of sunlight off ice crystals in the atmosphere.

The illusion was spotted as temperatures in the area were below -10 degrees for the second consecutive day.

The National Weather Service saidthe ice crystals also created a “sun pillar” above the sun that is visible in some photographs.


I’ve been working hard to prepare for Alaska. In the last few days I cleared out my storage and gave almost everything to charity. Kitchen, bedroom, office, bathroom … how much was it all worth? $30,000? $60,000? But my heart today said give bigger than you think you can. So I did. I let so much go. If you don’t need something for two years, no matter how dear it is to you, you can let someone else enjoy it.

Enjoy the sundogs if the cold ever brings them your way.


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