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T-Mobile claims to own the color magenta in Germany

T-Mobile says it owns exclusive rights to the color magenta in Germany. Over time, we humans, who naturally order natural randomness, inevitably over organize. Wars result. Control freaks must be controlled. 🤔

According to AdAge November 04, 2019: “A spokesman for Deutsche Telekom confirmed that it “asked the insurance company Lemonade to stop using the color magenta in the German market,” while adding that the “T” in “Deutsche Telekom” is registered to the brand.“ Lemonade has begun complaining on social media under the hashtag #freethepink although it hasn’t gotten much attention.

Back in 2014 a federal judge sided with T-Mobile in a trademark lawsuit and ordered AT&T (and subsidiaries such as Aio Wireless) to stop using Pantone 676C, a.k.a “plum,” over fears that it might cause consumers to confuse the two brands.

Further back, it was news in 2007 when Engadget reported that “T-Mobile has what appears to be a German trademark on that specific magenta color (RAL 4010, specifically)” but said it only related to telecommunications services.

Apologists blind to creeping over-control will be assimilated.

Lemonade insurance, while they aren’t a telecom, has a magenta colored app. Should this be allowed?

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