Tasmanian Fireball: Mysterious light blamed for circle of fire

This happened about 6 years ago in 2013 in  and it remains unexplained to this day. Was it a natural phenomena such as a lightning strike, a careless human or something else?

20130304-134016.jpgTasmanian police and firefighters are unable to explain the source of a beam of light which reportedly fell from the sky and formed a circle of fire in a Hobart suburb.
Early Saturday morning police and fire crews received calls from concerned residents in Carnegie Street at Claremont, who reported seeing a bright light igniting a fire in a nearby paddock.
Tasmania Fire Service officer Scott Vinen says the blaze was quickly put out, leaving an obvious burnt patch.
He says the bizarre incident has everyone baffled.
“Once we put the fire out, we kind of walked through the fire and tried to find something,” he said.
“We thought a flare or something may have landed there, but we couldn’t find any cause.”
The Fire Service says it will not investigate further.

Comment by Bison on unexplained-mysteries:

We can obviously assign a prosaic cause to this incident, if we ignore the reports of a beam of light from the sky. A small meteorite comes to mind, but one substantial enough to create a conspicuously bright beam of light should have left some sort of crater, at least a small one, shouldn’t it? This was not reported.
Maybe a crop circle in the making, but there was a malfunction, and the energy beam used to make it became too strong; strong enough to set fire to the grass. Small burned areas have been noted in crop circles before. The fact that the burned area was not perfectly round does not seem to be significant. Once the fire started, it would presumably spread somewhat irregularly, on its own.
via UM

Interesting that several concerned citizens reported seeing the light that presumably started this small grass fire. There was some speculation that this might be a US test of some kind of space based system, but nothing more than guesses ever surfaced.

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