Tattooed Fish … Aliens or T-Shirt?

A blue marlin caught in the Philippines in Lopez Jaena appears to have a tattoo. Some suspected aliens.

…. The creature was reportedly netted by fishermen from Lopez Jaena in Mindanao, Philippines.
Pictures of the weird fish went viral after being posted online by the stunned seafarers, triggering bizarre speculation about what could have caused it. …

The intricate markings even appeared to include strange letter-like symbols.
One theory is it could have become tangled up in plastic waste in the sea.
“Can you decipher it?” …

Scott C Waring, editor of, is quick to blame any mystery at the door of alleged alien visitors.

He blogged: “This large fish may have been a visiting alien species that wanted to mingle with a species similar to its own, only to get caught and eaten as food.

“The species has a sign of inteligences… tattoos covering 100 percent of its body.
“Normal non-intelligent animals do not.
“I can see fern-like designs, and a shield and a strange creature on top.
“This style of design if more European than the tribal designs of the Philippines.

“Sadly, if this was an intelligent alien visiting Earth, its first contact with humans didn’t end well.
“Aqua intelligent species would be very difficult for humanity to communicate with, let alone believe in, but they do exist.
“Like mermaids, stories that last the test of time, always have some truth to them.”

The fisherman, Zosimo Tano (41) who caught the 6.5 ft fish, revealed that the pattern came from the t-shirt used to wrap the catch.

No aliens here, move along. True strange stuff.

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