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The Beatles White Album, Unplugged, Unborn

As a songwriter and Beatles fan who is now working in a recording studio, I can’t help but be fascinated by this rough acoustic sketch of Beatles songs from the White Album. Enjoy it while it lasts. I’m not sure if it will be taken off of YouTube soon.


This is Beatles in the spring of 1968 running through a very raw, pretty-much-unrehearsed, let’s-see-how-our-new-songs-sound, first-step-toward-making-an-album batch of material. Many months later came the finished album (the “White Album” issued in late 1968) after many hundreds of hours at Abbey Road Studios of sweat, pain, arguments, loving care, tweaks, drugs, craziness, brotherly affection, re-thinking, re-writing, takes, re-takes, re-re-takes. The White Album promptly became the Number One-selling album in the world and remained so for many weeks, played and pondered and loved in pretty much every college dorm in America and Britain, and plenty of other places too.

B. Frost comment

Then there’s this:


Very interesting to hear a few songs that never made it to any albums, and just to hear them goofing around. It’s like sitting around at a party and in the studio with them. Awesome.

Bonus for Beatles fans:



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