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The Clear Face of Bigfoot? Screens from Secretive Sasquatch Project Leak


Is this the face of a bigfoot?

Have frames from the infamously secretive Erickson Project video leaked, showing Bigfoot’s face in the most compelling evidence since the Patterson film? Maybe. A screen capture allegedly grabbed from the infamous Matilda footage claims to show Bigfoot s face A screen allegedly grabbed from the “Matilda” video claims to show Bigfoot’s face Dr. Melba Ketchum, the woman behind the controversial DNA study into Bigfoot, has been working with a group of people calling themselves “The Erickson Project”. The project’s claim to fame? They swear that they were actually able to sneak up on a sleeping Sasquatch and capture ultra clear video evidence of the creature. While that evidence has been teased for quite awhile, having been seen and even verified as genuine Squatch evidence by the likes of Finding Bigfoot head honcho Matt Moneymaker, the only clip that has ever come to light was a very inconclusive bit of footage that cuts away without ever showing us the money shot — Matilda’s face. According to our friends over at the Bigfoot Evidence blog, the complete footage is so enticing that Erickson has offered to sell it at the price of one million dollars, with rumors that the Discovery Channel may have even purchased it already. With eyewitness statements from Moneymaker, interest from Discovery, and a seven figure price tag, you can’t help but wonder just how convincing Matilda’s face is. Well, if the recent leaks of what are purportedly frames from the Erickson footage are to be believed, the answer might be “not very”. In fact, “Matilda” might just be a painted and re-touched Chewbacca mask.isthismatilda The frames were posted by Bill Munns on the Bigfoot Forums along with a pointed request for those who have seen the Matilda footage to verify it and somehow prove that the creature’s face is not just a mask.

… On the other hand, the leak might just be viral marketing for Star Wars Episode VII.

via The Clear Face of Bigfoot?

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