This is a continuation of The Goat Legged Creature of Calavaras County. If you haven’t already read that post, you may want to start there.

A Second Cave Tour

I left Sacramento around 12:30 and got to Cave City California Caverns around 3:00 PM. Art was working so I was glad to have another cave tour. For only $9 for an adult, it was well worth it. This time the cave was more flooded than my last visit. The small lake inside the cave was beautiful.

Reliable Source Confirmation

Before the tour I spoke to Art’s coworker. She vouched for his character and said she’d known him for about a year and a half.

Her endorsement added to my own impressions of a few hours with Art as a tour guide left me confident enough to ask if he would show me the site of the sighting. He agreed.

The Site of the Sighting

We turned off the paved road and drove a mile or so up a dirt road which ended with a metal gate at the top of a hill. It was here that Art said the man came out and met he and his friend (a volunteer fireman) a few years ago and told the story (1997 or 1998).

Big Guard Dogs

We got to the home of the man who told Art the story. Art said he was an older guy and that he usually runs people off because there has been some vandalism in the area. Art said there were also some big dogs to watch out for. Cautiously, we drove up and knocked on the door. No one was home.

The whole area is a monstrous maze of dirt roads, so the house was very hard to find.

As Art knocked on the front door I called out “Hello? Anyone home?” and walked around to the back porch to where the animal was actually sighted.

Familiar Manzanita Forest

I spent a lot of time running through and hiding in Manzanita forests as a kid. I knew from experience that there would be many paths and clearings.

As I looked at the thick growth around the house, I knew that there were plenty of places to hide out here.

Meteor and a Sonic Boom

During the drive Art began to trust me more and told me an even stranger story. He and several others only a few months ago had seen a white meteor streak down. It appeared to land and everyone heard a sonic boom. They went to investigate, but didn’t find anything.

Rocky the Dog in a Pool of Blood

The next morning, however, in the area of the boom, they discovered the neighbor’s dog in a pool of blood. Blood was splattered around for about 5 feet. The good news is the dog lived. Art took me to see the dog and I got a few photos.

When I saw him he was very shy and he ran and hid under a deck. Art picked him up and held him, but he was very relaxed and happy while I took the pictures. Art said “Rocky” had been chained up so if it was a mountain lion he’d have been eaten.

Three Claw Marks

A few student friends of mine said the wounds could be from a predatory bird. They thought it might have been an owl attack, but it was strange that the wound was on the inside of the dog’s leg. I pointed out that there were three claw marks.

Did the dog’s attacker have a three fingered claw? The wound looked like it had been dissolved into the flesh by acid, but I haven’t seen a lot of animal wounds, so I’m no expert.

There was a report of a strange creature killing dogs January 24, 2001 near Calama Chile, an area with many UFO and chupacabra sightings.

Drawing of Chupa Seen in Area

Art told me his friends had also seen one of these things in the area.

It jumped a tremendous distance across a two lane highway in one leap. He drew this picture from their description and when he showed them, they said “That’s pretty much what it looked like.”

They said it ran like Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble, that is, it’s upper body stayed level and it’s legs moved quickly. This fits with other descriptions of the Chupacabra where the animal is described as floating above the ground.

Another Witness Sighting!

On the way home I met Calvin & Dustin. They knew Art, but they had not heard him talk about this. When I told them the story one of them said that just a month ago an old man had told him he’d seen it. They said the man saw something while he was out hunting.

They didn’t get many details but said the thing scared the heck out of the hunter who then took off running.

Update from Calavaras

On 10/25/2003, 1:14 am, Cave Art, our Calavaras chupacabra correspondent, checked in with a report. Nothing new, but he did hear some “wierd sounds one evening last month (sept) … from the blackberry vines behind my place. It was the most god-alfull hissing noise (like a big snake) or something, whatever it was ..It was just crashing through the vines like mad, then it started making a very odd wherring sound.. like a rope being spun around, it was very creepy so I went inside.” This concludes our local story for now. We’ll keep you updated if anything new happens in the Calavaras area.

The Real Thing?

This next creature is called a Chupacabra, but I’m not sure if it is the same one seen in Calavaras County. It seems pretty different. Then again, this may be the real deal, with all of the other versions on this page being just exaggerations.

8/16/05 Another Strange Creature Killed in Texas

Around Aug 16, 2005, another “Cupacabra” was shot and killed. The “coyote with mange” theory at first seemed far fetched to me. Do Coyotes have tails that long? Also, Reginald reported it had a woolly coating, instead of hair. “The animal’s hide felt like wool.” (earthfiles interview). It seems to be a large as yet unclassified land mammal.

“In Coleman, a city of 5,100 or so people 52 miles south of Abilene Reginald Lagow, 89. Lagow and neighbor Carole Burroughs lost about 30 chickens total. The creature was quick. Burroughs, 71, never saw it alive, even though it hunted during the day. Lagow tried to catch it in traps, but the animal was too smart, he said. Lagow saw it catch one of the last of his chickens, but it scampered away before he could get close. He said it had rusty-colored hair and it looked unlike anything he had ever seen. Finally, a neighbor’s dog cornered the creature in a chicken coop and the man shot it. Lagow snapped pictures of the animal’s body.” – (kfty)


“Since Memorial Day 2004, three strange creatures that look alike have been killed on Texas farms in Elmendorf near San Antonio; Pollok near Lufkin; and Coleman southeast of Abilene.”


10/15/04 (woai) Another Chupacabra shot and killed in Texas. Compare the description relayed to me by a cave guide named “Art”, to the photos.

“It was about four feet tall, standing erect on two legs. It was disproportionately muscular in its upper body. It had glowing red eyes, a little bit of a snout like a dog, it was hairy all over and it had long claws. It’s legs bent backwards, like a goat’s. “ –, 9/8/2001.

Creature killed in Texas, ~10/8/2004

The animal in the photos above (10/15/2004) is creepy and, as we said four years ago, real. According to the report this one decayed more rapidly than other dead animals usually do and it did not bleed when shot. It does seem to have a line of hair down the back, but I’d be curious to see if it has spines that can stick up as some have reported when it is threatened. It also seems to have three claws.

“Local animal experts are having a hard time identifying a strange looking animal killed in Angelina County on Friday — an animal that looks eerily similar to the as yet unidentified “Elmendorf Beast” killed near San Antonio earlier this year.”

“The animal’s blue-grey skin is almost hairless and appears to be covered with mange. A closer look at the animal’s jaw line reveals a serious overbite and four huge canine teeth, and a long, rat-like tail curls behind the animal’s emaciated frame.

She said the animal’s front legs were much smaller than it’s hind legs, and that despite it’s overall ghoulish appearance, it’s extremely long canine teeth were in excellent condition. Also, despite having been shot, there was virtually no blood seeping from the animal’s carcass. The animal’s ear also “broke like a cookie” when it’s head was held up for a photograph, she said

“It’s body looked like something that has been dead for a month or so,” Womack said. “Like I said, I’ve worked in the veterinary field for more than 20 years and I’ve never seen anything that bad.”

The animal was male and weighed between 15 and 20 pounds, she said.”

Here are some photos of the Elmendorf Beast for comparison.

DNA Testing Elendorf Beast

(woia) Chupacabra killed by rancher? In Elmendorf, South Texas, more than thirty of rancher Devin McAnally’s chickens were slaughtered in broad daylight until he shot this strange creature. The Communion Foundation will exhume McAnally’s creature and send it out for DNA testing.”Amy Davis, News 4 WOAI

The mysterious creature killed in Elmendorf is creating curiosity among scientists all over the country. The rancher you saw first on WOAI is getting calls from as far away as Philadelphia. Researchers will now dig up the bizarre-looking beast in an attempt to identify what some are calling the famed Chupacabra.

Result, genetic experiments with a coyote?

The results have since come back from the Davis Labs, California: it was a coyote cross; although what it was crossed with proved impossible to isolate. – forteantimes

What to do if You See One

“The Chupacabra … is described as three feet tall with bat like wings, fangs and large claws. Somewhat resembling a gargoyle, it is said to be nocturnal and very aggressive. It has been reported to have attacked both humans and livestock and is said to be carnivorous. Various witnesses have reported seeing Chupacabras all the way from Puerto Rico to Texas to Tijuana.

Anyone encountering one of these animals should immediately contact local authorities. Do not approach it and move indoors as quickly and quietly as possible.” From: Advocate Herald June 30, 1996

“So far there have been no Goatsucker attacks on human beings, although many household pets, chickens and other animals have fallen prey to the demonic bloodsucker.” –

This contradicts:

“Although El Chupacabra is known for it’s taste for goats’ blood, many accounts have also been documented of attacks on chickens, cows, sheep, rabbits, dogs, and cats. There has even been documented attacks on humans” –

El Chupacabra Depictions

The following are some depictions of El Chupacabra found on

“This Goatsucker sketch was originally printed in the Puerto Rican newspaper El Vocero. It shows a slightly more sombre Goatsucker, with the characteristic gray-like head and bat-like wings folded around itself like a flasher getting ready to pull aside his overcoat. This drawing of Chupacabras bears a remarkable similarity to the “taxidermied” specimen photographed at a museum in Mexico.”

This drawing from a Goatsucker T-shirt shows the characteristic glowing red eyes, kangaroo-like legs, claws and spike fins, but does not include the bat-like wings reported in some sightings.”

“This drawing … was provided by Beyond Boundaries…”

This photograph, taken at a museum in Mexico (location currently unknown), shows what is purported to be a Goatsucker. … This photograph was originally uploaded to the Internet by a school teacher in California, who was given the photo by a Mexican-American student.”

This is a Gargoyle. Three claws, flat nose… perhaps these things have been around for a very long time. From:

UFO Connection?

Chupacabras are sometimes depicted as aliens. Is there a connection, or do people wrongly connect both things because they are both mysterious? According to thewhyfiles, ‘Jorge Martin, editor of “Evidencia OVNI” – Puerto Rica’s UFO magazine – stated: “I believe there is a strong connection between the Chupacabras and UFO activity in this area. Many people who witness the Chupacabra also report some sort of aerial phenomena.”‘ Check out our UFO page for pictures of what MIGHT be a baby Chupacabra that was found alive in Chile. It lived for eight days, sometimes opening its eyes. Very strange.

I asked the Disclosure Project, a group that claims to have inside information about the UFO situation, about Chupacabras in January 2002. The person who responded seemed to confirm knowledge and belief in the creature, calling it “a curious aspect of Creation” but said the creature was not within their purview ( ‘purpose’, ‘range of authority’, ‘concern’, ‘range of vision’, ‘understanding’, or ‘cognizance’). I take it to mean that they simply aren’t dealing with the subject. It was an interesting reply, nevertheless.

The Jersey Devil

Is the Chupacabra related to the Jersey Devil?

What is the Jersey Devil? Said to have the the head of a ram, a muscular hairy body, the hooves of a goat, and wings, this creature has been terrorizing the residents of New Jersey for the past 400 years.

“First reports of the New Jersey Devil date back to the time of the Native Americans. Rampages in 1840, 1873-74, 1894-95, and 1909 left scores of slaughtered livestock and scared settlers. For a while, the New Jersey Devil terrorized members of the State Legislature in Trenton, leaving footprints on roofs and in backyards.

Descriptions of the Devil range from a “flying lion” to “an eagle with four legs” and everything in-between, but one attribute that does not change from report to report is the Devil’s call, a combination howl and whistle. When harassing the good people of New Jersey, the Devil would eat livestock, attempt to steal children, and scare the bejezus out of everyone in the process, often leaving cloven footprints to corroborate the stories of startled victims. ” From:

Chupacabra Eye Witness in Puerto Rico

Chupacabras seem to be at home in Puerto Rico. Graham Sheppard spent several days on the island of Puerto Rico in January 1996 and concluded that sightings happen day and night.

Here are some Chupacabra stories including eyewitness accounts:

If you read no other interviews, read this multiple eyewitness sighting from July 1997, Ms. Madelyne Tolentino and her husband, Mr. Jose Miguel Agosto, are interviewed by Lucy of the Puerto Rican Research Group on March 20th, 1996 in Barrio Campo Rico in Can�vanas, Puerto Rico. The sighting was second week of August 1995 about 4 PM. The description of this thing hopping sounds much like what was seen above. Also, the three toes fit some other stories about 3 toed footprints found underground. Whatever you do, don’t read this one before bed.

Madelyne Tolentino: “… It would seem that when the creature became aware of the car it didn’t want to get too close to it, and stood in front of the window through which I was looking outward.

Lucy: Was the creature aware that you were looking at it?

MT: At first, no. Later, I noticed that it was indeed looking back at me by its eye movements.

Lucy: What change did you observe in its eyes?

MT: It moved them constantly, side to side. It dawned on me that it had no whites to its eyes.

Lucy: What color were they?

MT: Dark gray.

Lucy: Did you notice anything else about them?

MT: They were damp and protruding, running up to its temples, spread to the sides.

Lucy: How tall was the creature?

MT: Some 4 feet, more or less. At the time it was walking like a human, on both legs. Its arms were drawn back into an attack position, as though it was a monster.

Lucy: How many fingers did it have?

MT: It had three long, skinny fingers. The arms were also very long. They were drawn back, but I had the impression that they were very long.

Lucy: And its hair?

MT: Rather short and close to its body, rather well-combed, in fact. I noticed that it had apparently been burned by something. It had some round things on its body and the region seemed ashen as if something had burned it right there. The burn mark revealed pinkish-purple skin, as if the top layer had fallen off.

Lucy: As if it had been shot?

MT: No, no, no, not a shot. It looked like it had burned itself with something, and among the ashes you could see this pinkish-purple skin.


MT: There’s a gentleman named Daniel Prez who once ran for mayor of Canvanas. He’s a serious and well-educated man. It was around the time of the primary elections, I’m not exactly sure when. He had to go supervise the polling places when he heard that “ssssssssss” sound and saw the creature drop out of the sky onto a rock. He let out a scream. He says he was shouting to his wife: “Brunilda, a Chupacabras!”

Lucy: How did he know it was a Chupacabras?

MT: Because he had already seen the sketches and knew what it looked like. He says the creature stood on the rock for a while and then suddenly leaped through two dense trees without damaging a single leaf

Chupacabras in Chile

In addition to those in Puerto Rico, there are rumors of Chupacabras in Chile. One person in Chile who saw this page wrote:

A few years ago, this guy said that he and his brother and some friends shot off the hand of one, and wanted me to take (it) to the University … when I went back to the States. I refused. “He said that it was in his brothers freezer, and that if anyone found out about it he would loose his job, and when I last saw him he had lost his job”. (He said) that “one of the guys that was with them told someone about and it got back”. He also told me that he was so scared of them being in the area, that he was moving his family to the south of Chile. I have not seen him since.

Chupacabras Hair Samples

One site claims to have retrieved hairs from the claws of dead cats attacked by the unknown predator. A Mr. Claudio Castellonith who has “knowledge of all regional animals” conducted a microscopic analysis and concluded:

“The hairs do not belong to any known animal in the region; dogs, fox, cats, etc.. They seemed to be human but they are not!”. –

That hair does look strange, sort of human, but not. Could be a hoax, but it is interesting.



What can a reasonable person conclude about the Chupacabras? Only this: there are claims of sightings. Some seem sincere. There may be hair, skeletal or taxidermied remains. There are certainly real dead and injured animals attacked by … something. There may be links to other myths. Perhaps the chupacabra people are all pulling a joke but that’s not my gut reaction. This one remains UNSOLVED. The lesson: It is sometimes most reasonable to admit you don’t yet know. As with bigfoot, watch the news and sites like this one for new developments.

A World of Strange Creatures

We’ve now investigated three very strange creatures! Are you a bit “freaked out” by the thought of sharing the planet with mysterious large animals of unknown intelligence? Don’t let it bother you. There are many 100% real species both large and small which people spend lifetimes successfully ignoring. If you saw a Chupacabra yourself you’d likely then believe something most other people do not. Would your unusual belief be unreasonable?

Removed But interesting

This link no longer exists. Was it removed because it was just a hoax? Possibly.

Lovington, NM. May 1996 – MUFON Case – Man shoots Chupa, it screams and vanishes in a stinking cloud – ( site down as of 3-5-03

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